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Burn Up W is an anime series in the burn up franchise
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Burn Up This Disk! Reviewed by lordbane666 on March 20, 2012. lordbane666 has written 29 reviews. His/her last review was for Burn Up W. 16 out of 18 users recommend his reviews.

Burn Up Warriors is presented in 4 parts, each approximately 100 minutes long, and is set in futuristic Tokyo. It follows the story of a policewoman named Rio Kinezono, a very buxom blond who is assigned to the paperwork division, who sexually leads on her boss only to let him down every time, and is a member of a secret SWAT team known only as Warrior. This clandestine unit, unknown even to other police, is only called in cases of extreme emergency, and is lead by Maki Kawasaki, who acts more like the team mom than anything else. Joining Rio on her team is Maya Jingu, a trigger happy massive chested young woman with green hair, who uses her sniper riffle to play "Urban Safari" on her days off, taking pot shots to scare petty criminals. With them is Lilica Ebett, a pink haired tech geek who father is so rich he buys her a satellite as a birthday gift, Nanvel Candlestick, who handles the mechanical stuff and is a noncombatant, working behind the scene in her underground hidden world of mechas, and Yuji Naruo, the token male/pervert of the team, who role is often unclear, is in love with Rio, and often lead around by the nose by her. In the first episode, a major downtown hotel is taken over by terrorist, and soon after team Warrior is called in to help since the normal police are unable to handle the situation. After hearing a list of the terrorist crazy demands, it becomes clear to Rio that there just a bunch if amature thrill seekers. The real culprits behind the hotel takeover are known as Falcon Claw, and are lead the the mysterious Miss Ruby, who forcefully introduces a "virtual drug", a type of mind control device that uses VR helmets to program the human brain, to a group of VIPs that are at the hotel. They get away with there ploy as the fake terrorists get caught by team Warrior, but become a major threat to the police later on in this series.

With the exception of the nearly constant fanservice (but no outright nudity), Burn Up W wasn't too bad, at least to being with, and makes fun of itself at every turn, remaining action light and humor heavy up until about the middle of the third episode. At that point, it dropped the humor aspect altogether and become a serious police drama loaded with action in the form of gory violence, and remained so until the series end in episode 4. The story, when there was one, went absolutely nowhere, and this major switchup between comity and serious drama killed this series in a way such that could only be described as self sabotage. Despite it's dumbed down dialogue, with slightly above average artwork for it's day (1996), the series, at least in the beginning was entertaining and I did get a few good laughs out of it. The bad move on the part of the series creators was like watching someone cut off there head to spite there body, and proves that if your going to start off an anime series with one genre, it's best to stick with it up until it's end. I'll give this one two thumbs down, two middle fingers up, and no stars.

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