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The Bunny Suit is the fetish uniform worn for the concept of the Bunny Girl. Popular in cosplay themes.

The Bunny Suit has been made popular in Japan as a fetish costume in cosplay. It's seen as a classic icon of general sex appeal for women. It has been prominently displayed in such anime series as The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya and Code Geass R2.

The Outfit

The outfit worn by the Bunny Girl is called the Bunny Suit. The costume consists of a cleavage exposing, skintight leotard; pantyhose, neck-collar with bow tie, wrist cuffs, high heels, and decorative bunny ears and a optional tail.  
Occasionally, there is a heart-shaped name tag pinned to the waist, and the tail isn't always present in the Japanese version of the Bunny Girl costume.


The colors come in all shades and hues. The colors to need to coordinate. All the same color is needed to be used for the ears, leotard, and bow tie.


Bunny Ears

The Bunny Ears are what makes possible the most important part of the costume.


The leotard for the costume comes in many variety of colors. It is always shown to expose a lot of cleavage and often a very low cut back. The optional Bunny Tail is normally attached to the rear.

Bow Tie

The bow tie is another staple of the outfit. Often times worn with a pointless neck collar seen on dress shirts.


The color of the pantyhose can vary with the costume. While dark shades are more commonly seen. White or other light colors can be used as well.

High Heels

The high heels are often the mandatory in the Bunny Girl look. The shoes are normally either dark in color or match the color of the ears, leotard, and bow tie.  


The round-puffy tail of a rabbit is often attached the the leotard, but it isn't always seen in the Japanese version of the Bunny Girl. Despite the colors used in the costume, the color of the tail is generally white.

Wrist Cuffs

These cuffs are purely decorative. They seem to be an attempt to give the outfit a appearance of a professional servant. Making the costume seem like a uniform.

Name Tag

The name tag is not always seen with the Bunny Girl appearance and clothes. It's more often shown for waitresses who dress in the costume as part of a job. The tag can be in many different shapes and pinned at the waist.
The location is most likely due to the fact that placing it on the chest, the classic location of a name tag, would be impossible since the bunny suit leaves so much of the chest and upper body exposed. Also the costume was design to show off the breasts. On the waist the tag is out of the way. I guess we wouldn't want anyone to have to be 'bothered' to read while they are ogling their waitress' cleavage.
General Information Edit
Thing Name Bunny Suit
Japanese Name: バニースーツ
Romaji Name: banii suutsu
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
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