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Bubblegum Crisis is an anime series in the Bubblegum Crisis franchise
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A 33-S Sexaroid Boomer who escaped to earth with Sylvie.

Brian J. Mason

Mason is the primary villain of the first three episodes, a high-level executive in the GENOM corporation who killed Dr. Stingray and stole his boomer technology.

Daley Wong

A inspector for the AD Police and friends with Leon MicNichol.


Sylia Stingrays informant whos information includes data from the government, Genom, and the various criminal syndicates and underworlds.

Irene Chang

Reika's little sister who lived in Megatokyo. She was good friends with Linna Yamasaki. Irene was killed after trying to expose Mason for the death of her fiancee.

Leon McNichol

A officer of A.D. Police who is in love with Priss.

Linna Yamazaki

The fourth member to join the Knight Sabers.

Lisa Vanette

The niece of AD Police Chief Todo and an aspiring photojournalist who sets her sights on exposing the Knight Sabers after Priss destroys her Camera.

Mackey Stingray

Sylia's little brother who assists his sister with her Knight Saber escapades.

Nene Romanova

Nene is the third member of the Knight Sabers and is their technical conductor and hacker. She also works for the AD Police.

Priss Asagiri

Priscilla Asagiri better known as just Priss a member of The Knight Sabers. The lead singer of a local underground rock band in Tokyo. A thrill seeker at heart who loves to ride fast looking for the next fight as well as payday.

Quincy Rosencreutz

GENOMs Chief Executive Officer.

Reika Chang

Irene Chang's older sister who is a famous singer named Vision. She is part of a group called the Hou Bang and went on a personal vendetta against Genom for killing her little sister.

Sylia Stingray

Sylia Stingray leads and finances the secret vigilante group and sometimes mercenaries known as the Knight Sabers in Mega-Tokyo, often destroying rampaging Boomers. She is the daughter of Dr. Katsuhito Stingray, the creator of the Boomers and the older sister of Mackie Stingray.


A 33-S Sexaroid Boomer who was one of the concubines to the head of the Genaros space station before she and Anri escaped to MegaTokyo. The shuttle she stole also happened to contain the prototype of a new type of battlemover called the D.D.

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