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Hello everyone! I'm happy to announced that the episode summary project for Btooom is 99% complete. Why 99% complete? In addition to the plot summaries and anime/manga differences, there are some good quotes out there that. Not every episode has an awesome quote. Ever since I worked with Daniel Newton on the Fairy Tail project, the quotes section was awesome to have. It makes the episode pages feel more completed.

The other thing left to do is complete the character pages. Being an episode specialist, it will take a while since I'm on multiple wiki projects with other teammates and Wikia Communities. Speaking of Wikia Communities, the team and I are almost done with the episode summaries in Btooom Wikia. We just need to do episode 4, 5, and 12.

Lastly, if you're a fan of Btooom!, you should show your support by watching it legally on Crunchyroll, buying the manga when it comes to your country (or borrow from your local library), or helping out on the wiki pages.

Any help is greatly appreciated as long as you don't plagiarized. If you're new to wiki editing, feel free to ask me. I'll be glad to show you the ropes in our little community.

Oh, don't forget to comment at the Btooom! Anime Discussion Thread. See what fans are talking about. It's a lot of fun.

Episode Wiki Pages

All of the descriptions are from Crunchyroll except for episode 12 which I fill in.

Thank you everyone for your support.


Ryota Sakamoto one of Japans top BTOOOM! players wakes up to find it is no longer a game.

2. The Bloodstained High School Girl

A typical high school girl, betrayed by her neighbors, a forced player in the game of Btooom!, betrayed by the group she teamed up with. All men are scum.

3. Surivival

While chasing after the mysterious girl, Ryota runs into Taira Kiyoshi who helps fill in the blanks in his memory.

4. Best in the World

Kira Kosuke is a disturbed child, but when on the island his true nature can finally come out, unchecked. That is until he faces the best Btooom! player in Japan.

5. Attack

A pantless corpse floats by Taira and Sakamoto while they are eating lunch. When Sakamoto leaves to investigate he finds gruesome scene and a familiar figure.

6. Night of Sacrifice

In the moment of danger, trust issues start to show between Taira and Sakamoto. Sakamoto wants to save everyone especially the girl who just tried to kill him.

7. Virtual Bride

Miyamoto, the mercenary, has found Sakamoto and his team. This dangerous player will do anything it takes to win.

8. White Ghost

As Sakamoto and Himiko try to rest for the night, Himiko wrestles with the idea of telling Sakamoto her true identity, but before she can do anything she is visited by a “ghost."

9. The Strongest Player

A new player has joined Sakamoto’s team, but he carries a dark secret. Before the team could dive deeper into the new players past, a food drop overhead brings many players out of hiding.

10. High Level

It seems the players on the island are interconnected in more ways than one. While Sakamoto mulls over this new information, the good doctor begins his end game.

11. Revival

It seems the players on the island are interconnected in more ways than one. While Sakamoto mulls over this new information, the good doctor begins his end game.

12. Bonds

As Ryota and Himiko try to find Taira and stop him from attacking, Taira makes the ultimate decision. Meanwhile, Gemu has his employees rush to the island to fix a mechanical problem in the servers.

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