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@Dream: @Acura_Max:

Sorry for the late reply. I'll open them up.

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Episode 1

I started watching this because Sankaku Complex made this seem like some ultra gory rape show and I haven't seen anything particularly extreme since Gantz so I decided to give it a shot.

Initial impressions

- Didn't know this was by Madhouse... the good Madhouse.

- Funny how you get one show with a certain concept then all the sudden there's a ton of shows airing at once with that concept. A few seasons back it was little moe girl detectives. Now it's games getting real

- Funny kid. Very much a dick.

- He starts off whiny but I like that he was blowing people up by the end of the episode.

- Shit, he threw a Xbox controller threw a wall!

Funny show overall. It seems extreme in all the right ways. I could go with more blood and gore but I'm satisfied. I've been watching nothing but romance, moe school girl, romantic drama, and kid action shows for like a year so this is a cool change of pace.

Episode 2

There is a running theme in certain anime of Japanese school girls setting up their peers to get gang raped. I wonder if there's some basis in reality for that? Anyways, good episode. The rock group probably coulda drilled all of those lame ass girls without beating the shit out of them. Not sure why they went for rape as the first option. Especially the thick one who seemed like she was definitely slut bucket material for the whole band to enjoy.

Psycho murder dude is pretty cool.

I wonder how long it will take the two lovers to realize they know each other from the game and we get some consensual going in this series?

Episode 3

- Fat man is cool

- The show is reminding me of Death Note in that everyone has these layers of subterfuge and it's a battle of the wits

- Fuck yes, psycho murder kids too?! This anime is the type of thing I used to live for when I first got into anime back in college: tragic backgrounds, brutal deaths that aren't fair, and murderous children. This will only get better if some of the more developed characters start dying as well.

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I visited a Tumblr site for the first time. For Btooom, it was mostly a collection of images and GIF from users without anyone replying. I found some official art which is much better than Magi Tumblr which has a lot of Yaoi images for some odd reason. Maybe, Magi has a huge female fan base since the show has a lot of male characters like Naruto. I found it odd that people really like Kira Kosuke. Why do people fall for insane, psychotic and demented killers? Looking back at Btooom characters, Kira pretty much stands out. Ryouta is not that special, and Himiko is just tragic victim cursed by her well endowed body.


Sweet, glad I'm not the only one to pick a Death Note vibe from this show. All we need a "L" character. We got Ryouta (Light) and Kira's alias just became a psychotic killer in a form of a cute prepubescent boy.

Yeah, those girls shouldn't blame Himiko for getting raped.

Fat man is cool

I hope you don't mean Mitsuo Akechi, the fat pervert. I know you meant Kiyoshi Taira, the tanuuki man.

From that Sword Art Online and . Hack blog, I got another idea for the similarities and differences blog: comparing Btooom! to Hunger Game, Battle Royale, and Gantz. Since I haven't read Hunger Games or the other two, I have to do some research and fall back on you guys in case we miss anything. We probably do it in December.

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@takashichea: I haven't seen Gantz ( should know more about this topic) or Battle Royale, but I have read the first book of the Hunger Games. Here are some quick facts about the book.

There are three books in the series. The Hunger Games being the first, Catching Fire the second, and Mockingjay being the third and last book in the series. I haven't read Catching Fire or Mockingjay, but you can pretty much skip Mockingjay since the characters are no longer in that reality show type murder competition.


The story takes place in a post-apocalyptic world. The characters reside in a nation called Panem, located somewhere in North America. The nation is composed of 12 districts and a capitol city. Each district specializes in one product or skill (ex. District 2 specializes in weapon making). However, not all districts are equal. Some districts such as districts 1 and 2 are favored by the capitol and are wealthier. The book points out that since these districts are wealthier, they can afford to feed and train their people. As a result, they have a distinct advantage in the Hunger Games. This advantaged is doubled when the district wins the games; winning means that the district will get additional food and other things for a year. As a result, some districts (district 2) focus heavily on training their children so they can pursue a career in this game; in the book, they are called the careers. Otherwise, the districts are practically a slum.

Reigning over the twelve districts is the capitol, a city in the north of the nation. The capitol is ruled by a president; although, that sounds democratic, the nation is actually a totalitarian government with the president residing as a dictator. The people of the capitol are apathetic to the needs of the district and instead focus on partying and wearing ridiculous outfits.

The Game

The game is a way that the capitol keeps the districts in line. I believe that they use this to inspire fear in the other districts. Each year, a boy and a girl are chosen by lottery to represent the district in the Hunger Games. Participants have to be around the ages of 12-18. Once a person reaches the age of 12, their name is entered into the lottery once; after that, there name will be added an additional time each year until they reach 18. A person can enter his or her name voluntarily more than once each year; doing so will mean that you will receive tessera, a year's supply of grain for one person. However, many families live in poverty and are forced to enter their names many times. This causes much resentment between the rich and poor because the rich children only have to place their names in lottery once each year. The lottery takes place in an event called The Reaping. This is likely a criticism of the American military drafts.

Once the participants are chosen, they are paired up with a mentor, someone from their district who had won the game before. The participants are lead to a facility where they can train for the Game. Then they are tested by a team of judges who rate them on their skills. They are rated 1-12 and the scores are made public. The participants are given make-overs and wear formal garments and appear for an interview. All of these things are done in order to court sponsors who will help them in the Game.

The rules of the game are pretty simple. You kill or get killed. At the start of the game, the participants are transported to their destination by way of elevator. The arena is usually a woodland. A less forested was once attempted as the location of the games, but the game-makers discovered that players died faster, leaving less entertainment for the viewers. From there, they have to reach a giant Cornucopia, which is filled with weapons and food. Since all the participants are rushing into one area, this naturally creates some skirmishes and a few deaths. Knowing this, many participants grab what they need and run away.

Weaker participants usually hide in caves or trees. Stronger participants band together and destroy their opponents with numbers and power. Sponsors are able to send gifts to their chosen participant. The gift can range from food and medicine to weapons and armor. This isn't the only form of help that the players receive. At a set point in the game, the game-makers will release a package in what is known as a feast. Usually this package will fall near the Cornucopia and can contain anything; this is different from a care package from a sponsor because the game-maker has full control of what is allowed to be in the care package.

When a participant avoids action for a long period of time, "game-makers" will create hazards or steer the participants towards each other. In the book, the game-makers shot fireballs at Katniss from their hover pads. The game-makers also have the job of cleaning up the bodies after the killers have left the area. When a person dies in the game, their death is signaled to everyone in the Game with the sound of a cannon.

Similarities to Btooom

  • Both are reality tv show where people kill to win the contest.
  • Common strategies in both involve joining a group and winning with numbers.
  • The game makers will send care packages to promote conflict and help the contestants survive.
  • Both stories feature a crazed murder. Btooom has Kira, while The Hunger Games has Cato from district 2.
  • Both protagonists have or had a romantic relationship with one of their fellow contestants.
  • Both games employ the use animal or monsters.
  • All players are trapped within an area.

Differences to Btooom

  • The Hunger Games is done for political reasons, while Btooom's game seems to be done for profit.
  • In the Hunger Games, people are selected by lottery to see who participates in the games. They are even allowed to volunteer themselves or take someone else's place. In Btooom, a person must be nominated by another person to join the games.
  • There is an age limit to those who can participate in the Hunger Games. You can't participate after reaching 18. In Btooom, anyone can join as long as they are nominated.
  • The Hunger Game features a prize for the winner and his or her district.
  • Participants in the Hunger Games are not limited to just bombs. They can use traditional weapons such as bows and spears. Participants in Btooom are limited to bombs and the weapons they bring themselves or find. Even so, the bombs are powerful and have a variety of uses.

The Characters

The roles in The Hunger Games seem to be the reversed when compared to Btooom.

BtooomThe Hunger Games


  • Although he does not believe in killing, he has no qualms about killing if provoked.
  • Strategic in battle and survival
  • Skilled with using Btooom bombs
  • Willing to go to extreme ends to protect those he loves. When Himiko is kidnapped, he sneaks into the enemy's base to rescue her.
  • Troubled relationship with mother. His dreams do not mesh with the stinging reality that his mother brings him.
  • Knows the importance of appearances.
  • Unable to face reality. When he was not accepted into the video game company, he buried himself in video games.


  • Skilled with bow and arrow
  • A strong woman who is confident in her hunting prowess. She has enough spiritual strength for her mother and sister.
  • Not afraid to kill or do what needs to be done.
  • Strategic in battle and survival
  • Strong survival instinct
  • She has a strong relationship with her sister. She even goes as far as taking her place in the Hunger Games.
  • Troubled relationship with mother. She resents her mother for not doing anything to support the family.
  • Knows the importance of appearances.
  • Faces reality head on. Despite living in poverty, Katniss does not succumb to her problems. Instead, she caculates how to solve them.


  • Although Himiko is able to do what needs to be done in order to survive. She has stated that she would rather commit suicide than have her innocence taken unwillingly away from her; so far, she has shown to be able to back up this statement.
  • Has a fear of touching men.
  • Willingness to help those in suffering, even when there are obstacles in the way. When Akechi was injured, she overcame her fear of men to help him.


  • He is a bread maker, putting him in the middle class in the Hunger Games universe.
  • Idealist. He believes in true love. In the Games, he demonstrates this by saying that he would rather die than have Katniss lose.
  • He believes in helping other even at personal cost. When he saw that Katniss was starving, he "accidentally" burnt the bread so he would be forced to throw it out, allowing Katniss to eat it.
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It seems less gory than Gantz but that might be because I'm watching the tv edit. Both are extreme in violence and have rape. They're also about seemingly regular people front pulled into murder situations. In Bt its literally a game, in Gantz they're people who got cloned seconds before they died and are forced to hunt aliens. I'm on the phone now but will write more later.
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Whoo, this is great! I thought we're going to save this for the actual blog. Hunger Games is more brutal since it's just teenagers and children under 18.


Earlier in the thread, I mentioned to Shels about a crazy human raping aliens because it was more hotter than banging female humans.

See link 1 and 2 (manga panels) if you're not gross about it.

Don't worry about adding more to Gantz. I do the blog right after I get out of school, so the discussion can continue there.

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Episode 6 was fun. Got to see Taira's BIM. It's a homing type that packs a small punch. Ryouta and Himiko are at each other's throat since Ryouta cannot trust Himiko who won't answer his questions, and Himiko is still bearing the scars from the attempted rape incident with Mitsuo Akechi. I wonder if Ryouta will realize Himiko and that Himiko he married in Btooom is the same. Though, Himiko never gave Ryouta her name. I love how Taira and Ryouta believed in each other after losing their minds briefly.

I love Himiko's angry face. It's pretty cute. I'm not weird, but damn, she looks cute.

This post was from six days ago.

New Post for Episode 7

Ep. 7 Virtual Bride
Ep. 7 Virtual Bride

This episode was special for Ryouta and Himiko who are warming up to each other with a bit of trust. Plus, the gore is always present. I feel bad for Taira who just got a bite injury last episode. Masashi was a great bad guy who doesn't need a psychotic gimmick like Kira Kosuke. He was pretty hard to beat which made the episode more entertaining. Soichi is all on drugs, and I find it funny that they don't mention it's drugs in a direct manner. When you read the manga, drugs are present. Plus, the gore is more tamed. You practically see Taira's fingers cut off clearly in the manga.

Sorry for bringing up manga comparisons. I'm a wiki editor who is pretty nerdy in taking down any details. For Himeko, she probably not not trusting Ryouta 100% due to her encounter with men such as Akechi and that singer who all wanted to rape her. Next episode is a big change. We got ghosts. A horror themed episode looks awesome.

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It is bumped!

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Episode 8

All right, y'all. Let's get this baby started.

I loved Himiko and Ryota's little scene and how Himiko wepts while struggling to open up to Ryota. I can't wait to see how the love birds' relationship work out in the end.

Shiki's story was like the bad thing that could happened. Himiko believes that Ryota will not betray her.

Episode 9

We got a cool match up between Ryota & Oda and Himiko & Hidemi. Himiko's little cat fight was frigging awesome, and when you think Himiko's down, she just remember Ryota and get her second wind back. Hidemi's mouth is pretty foul. Ryota and Oda's battle is like a chess match. You have to predict that other guy's moves. Also, Btooom's favorite psychotic yet cute bastard makes another appearance, Kira, watches the fight from the sidelines.

Episode 10

We get a glimpse of Oda's past with Ryota. I don't know what to feel sympathetic with Ryota or Oda. Ryota and Oda had a talk about being on offense and taking risks. Oda just slept with Ryota's crush since he thought Ryota was not going to ask Aiko out. Yeah, teen angst can be a Bitch. Oh, Ryota was damn naive. I wanted to hit the guy for being so dumb and not listening to Himiko.


Thanks man!

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The final episode was a bit rushed, but it was all good. All the tension from Taira who has gone insane all went downhill after a heart breaking scene where Taira kill himself. Ryota blames himself for abandoning Taira. It's sad how these tragic things can be easily prevented. All these folks who are forced on this island did something bad that make others banish them somewhere to die alone.

I always wonder why no one has posted a missing person report. How long have these games been running.

Ryota and Himiko's romantic scene was touching. The two have come a long way as they struggle to find a place where they belong, with each other.

Btooom anime series is done as well as its episode summaries are completed. I just need to add quotes and check the format for consistency.

I don't think the anime will get a season 2 since I haven't seen or heard about the manga far enough.

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