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Btooom! is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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In the blink of the mind's eye, Ryuta Sakamoto suddenly finds himself transported from playing the hit BTOOOM! video game to being stranded on a mysterious island. He's equipped with a day's worth of provisions, a bag of bombs, a strange crystal embedded in his left hand, and a huge gaping hole in his memory. But it doesn't take long to figure out what's going on, especially after the first person Ryuta meets tries to kill him. Someone is attempting to recreate the ultra-violent BTOOOM! game in real life, and the island has been filled with an army of other unwilling players, each armed with one of the multiple variants of explosive weapons called BIM.

Fortunately, Ryuta's an ace BTOOOM! player, but this insane version of the game has no reset switch or second lives, and there's only one way off the island: kill seven other people before they can kill you! Can Ryuta repurpose his game-based skills fast enough to survive this ultimate battle royale?



  • Steven Foster

English Voice Cast

  • Ryouta Sakamoto - Tyler Galindo
  • Himiko - Brittney Karbowski
  • Kousuke Kira - Chelsea McCurdy
  • Masashi Miyamoto - Jovan Jackson
  • Nobutaka Oda - Crash Buist
  • Masahito Date - David Matranga
  • Kiyoshi Taira - Andrew Love
  • Hidemi Kinoshita - Shelly Calene-Black
  • Yoshiaki Imagawa - Josh Sheltz
  • Souichi Natsume - Patrick Poole
  • Yoshihisa Kira - Christopher Ayres
  • Mitsuo Akechi - Mark X Laskowski
  • Shiki Murasaki - Maggie Flecknoe
  • Tsuneaki Iida - Leraldo Anzaldua
  • Isamu Kondou - Parke Fetch

The DVD and Blu-Ray is coming on December 10th.


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Welcome everyone! This is an update for all the wiki projects I did with my teammates. The last update was for Fall 2012 where I took a few projects since I had school work. Everything is listed in alphabetical order, and I discussed about a few things such as what was done, what needs to finished, and any contributions done by my teammates and I.

Btooom! (Solo)

Start Date: Oct. 6, 2012

Episode Summaries Completion Date: Dec. 22, 2012

Character Progress: 3characters out of the entire roster have more than creations filled out

It had 12 episodes, and I completed their summaries. The only left is to find some good quotes and attack table because I haven't applied Daniel's new wiki style from the Fairy Tail wiki page. For characters, I haven't complete them, and most of them just have creation section added. Himiko and Miho wiki pages are the ones that have the most info.

Also, I have been working at Btooom! Wikia because of a user who plagiarized by copying and pasting my summaries over there. I had rewritten summaries over there, and I only have 3 episodes left along with 2 snapshot galleries left to create.

Please see Anime Project Blog and Btooom! Wikia's Wiki Progress Report.

Fairy Tail (Team)

Start Date: October 2010

Episodes Progress: Approximately 75%

character Progress: Approximately 75%.

This is the oldest wiki project, and it had the biggest coalition of wiki editors. I had a great team, but sadly, they all retired except for Daniel, Obsidian609, and me. Though, Wales come by from time to time to help out on the manga project.

The strange thing about this project was its allure. There were lots of new wiki editors in Anime Vice that pop up once in a while. They would add images to the character pages. What they don't know is that Anna and I upload the screen caps. Since Fairy Tail has an enormous character roster, it's a nightmare to transfer images to each character week after week. I hate to delete their images. This year, I think the series will end because the anime has caught up to the manga. If they do another filler arc, it's going to be a challenge to enjoy it. The last one wasn't that great. I wouldn't mind if Fairy Tail anime takes a hiatus. A break would be good for the staff and the Wiki community.

Wiki Progress: Most of the characters are filled out except for the new ones from Tenrou Island arc and above along with some minor characters. In the episode summary department, I haven't checked, but I think we started working on every summary from the late 60's. However, we did skipped some. Same goes for volume.

It will take a lot of man power to finish Fairy Tail.

Please see Fairy Tail Recognition Blogs for Animevice users for a full history on most of the wiki editors.

K (Team)

Start Date: 11-9-12

Episode Progress:Episodes 1-10 are completed.

Character Progress:The Homura Clan characters, Mikoto Suoh, Izumo, Anna Kushina, Misaki Yata, Rikio Kamamoto, and Tatara Totsuka, are completed.

My teammates were Beelze17 and Aleasha. Beelze17 was a character specialist who deals with the Homura Clan characters. She did an excellent work on them, but she needs help with grammar which I help her with. Aleasha was a franchise specialist who uploaded the episode screenshots and did an awesome job on the franchise page. I was the episode specialist, and I was tasked to take care of SCEPTER4 characters. I finished 10 episode summaries and only have 3 left. It should be done soon if I didn't have so much other wiki projects on my hands.

See Wiki Project -- K.

Magi - The Labyrinth of Magic (Solo)

Start Date: Oct. 10, 2012

Episode Progress: All episodes up to 16.

character Progress: Only Aladdin, Alibaba, Morgiana, and Kassim pages are mostly completed with the exceptions of story arcs.

Annabanana used to work on the manga series, and when I saw it had an anime adaptation, I was stoked about it. Unfortunately, Anna wasn't active anymore. I tried the series with my younger siblings, and we got hooked. I have been working on the episode summaries. One of my struggles was the names and making it consistent. An example would be Kassim because it can be spelled Cassim or Kasshim. I wasn't sure what to use, and I use Magi Wikia's reference.

Speaking of Magi Wikia, I also worked over there to help with the plot summaries because my plot summaries were pasted over there. I hope the community gets more wiki editors because most of them avoid writing plot summaries except for one editor. He and I talked about the possibilities of working together. Though, he didn't have enough time to commit himself.

See Wiki Project -- Magi the Labyrinth of Magic

Pet Girl of Sakurasou (Team)

Start Date: 1-29-13 (for me since Daniel Newton and Aleasha started working on the project in fall 2012).

Episode Progress: Episodes 1-4 and 9-12 are completed.

Character Progress: Some of the main cast have empty pages while the new ones have creation sections.

Daniel Newton was the first guy to start the project, and Aleasha joined in. She did the franchise page while Daniel did the anime series page. Daniel started prepping the episode wiki pages. Right now, I did all the episodes up to 12 except for 5 - 8. If I got hooked on the anime sooner back in winter break, I would have got the summaries done up to the latest one. It's all right because I'll catch up.

Besides the wiki work, the discussion thread is going well.

Robotics;Notes (Team)

Start Date: Oct. 20, 2012

Episode Progress: Episodes 1-13 are completed.

Character Progress: All characters have creation section, and the main cast have evolution sections written to some extent.


My partner was Acura Max, a Screened mod. We did plot summaries together. I worked on the odd episodes while he did even. We both work on the characters and everything else. Our teamwork was pretty strong. I haven't had the same experience like this since Guilty Crown, Sket Dance, and Fairy Tail. It's a thrilling feeling when you have a close friend or two working with you.

For wiki progress, we had done every episodes except 14 and 15, but we're on the ball. Plus, it was tough to juggle school work and other things. In the character department, we got the main characters' evolution sections filled out and every minor character added along with their creation sections.

For a detailed list of contributions, please see Robotics;Notes Wiki Vitae list.

Rock Lee and His Ninja Pals (Solo)

Start Date: April 14, 2012

This was a strange wiki project because I don't do summaries. All I did was add characters, screen caps, and associations. I wished the discussion thread was active, but I guessed Anime Vice doesn't have a big fan base for this series.

Sket Dance (Team)

Start Date: August 18, 2011

Episode Progress: Episodes 1-10, 12-14, 16, 19, 21-37, and 39-77 are completed.

Character Progress: The three main characters have most of their sections completed except for story arcs which is difficult since the anime is a bit episodic. Minor characters such as Momoka, Masafumi, and Sawa are almost completed.

It's one of the longest wiki projects I have done, and it has one of the biggest teams called W.I.K.I. Nation. Ever since the anime has finished its run in August 27, 2012, my team and I completed every episode except 11, 15, 17, 18, 20, and 38. Around episode 40, my teammates were stressed from school, work, and family, so I was the only one left to continue the project. It has been difficult, but it was worth it.

Around February 2012, I started working at Sket Dance Wikia. I didn't check what episodes were complete, but I know we completed short summaries for every episode from February and onward. Like Btooom! Wikia, I have a lot of episode image galleries to create.

For Anime Vice, characters needed work. Since I'm more of an episode specialist, I neglected to update the characters and their image galleries. For Sket Dance Wikia, the main characters and a minor character, Enigman, are pretty filled out well.

Please see Sket Dance Wikia's 2012 Wiki Archive, and it has the winter months because I usually write wiki progress on the weekly reviews for new episodes.

Sword Art Online - Solo

Start Date: July 16, 2012

Episode Completion Date: 12-24-12 (Based on the snapshot from the Sword Art Online discussion thread)

Character Progress: Every character has a creation section written. Kirito's page is completed while the others need to have evolution sections.

It was a good anime series that was popular in the community, and it was one of the few projects that used the discussion threads. I had done weekly reports for it, but I was burnt out. Despite being a solo project for episode summaries, I had help from my friends who work on other parts.

SAO Editors

  • There was a wiki editor, AnimeReviewDaily, and he was more of a character specialist. With his help, Kirito's page was the most developed one. I had to work on Asuna and the others' wiki pages. I didn't make much progress due to time.
  • For the franchise page, Buhssuht did an awesome job on it.
  • In the image department, Daniel and Sonata whipped some cool profile portraits. Also, UsaChanMan uploaded HI RES magazine art, Acura Max uploaded merchandise snap shots, and ShadowKnight508 uploaded some cool shots.

I thank them for their hard work.

Tamako Market (Solo)

Start Date: January, 28 2013

Episode Progress: Episodes 4 is completed.

Character Progress: All characters have creation sections. Just need to add evolution, story arcs, and origin.

I haven't done much except for one plot summary. I'm still in the progress of setting things up and adding all the characters.

Valkyria Chronicles (Solo)

Start Date: January, 7 2013

Episode Progress: Episodes 1-8, 13-20, and 21-23 are completed.

Character Progress:Not all characters have creation sections. All of them need to have evolution section. Story arcs is not needed for some of them due to how minor their role are.

After buying the game in December 2012 for my little sister, I was interested in the anime. Like most video game based anime adaptations, this anime series was average because it missed a few things and changed some of the characters' such as Welkin.

For wiki progress, I had finished adding all characters. Being burnt out, I don't do full summaries. Instead, I did short summaries and uploaded snapshots from RC.

This is all the wiki projects I have worked on. It's been a challenge, but I managed to pull through thanks to my teammates and the wonderful people in Anime Vice and Wikia Communities.

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Hello everyone! I'm happy to announced that the episode summary project for Btooom is 99% complete. Why 99% complete? In addition to the plot summaries and anime/manga differences, there are some good quotes out there that. Not every episode has an awesome quote. Ever since I worked with Daniel Newton on the Fairy Tail project, the quotes section was awesome to have. It makes the episode pages feel more completed.

The other thing left to do is complete the character pages. Being an episode specialist, it will take a while since I'm on multiple wiki projects with other teammates and Wikia Communities. Speaking of Wikia Communities, the team and I are almost done with the episode summaries in Btooom Wikia. We just need to do episode 4, 5, and 12.

Lastly, if you're a fan of Btooom!, you should show your support by watching it legally on Crunchyroll, buying the manga when it comes to your country (or borrow from your local library), or helping out on the wiki pages.

Any help is greatly appreciated as long as you don't plagiarized. If you're new to wiki editing, feel free to ask me. I'll be glad to show you the ropes in our little community.

Oh, don't forget to comment at the Btooom! Anime Discussion Thread. See what fans are talking about. It's a lot of fun.

Episode Wiki Pages

All of the descriptions are from Crunchyroll except for episode 12 which I fill in.

Thank you everyone for your support.


Ryota Sakamoto one of Japans top BTOOOM! players wakes up to find it is no longer a game.

2. The Bloodstained High School Girl

A typical high school girl, betrayed by her neighbors, a forced player in the game of Btooom!, betrayed by the group she teamed up with. All men are scum.

3. Surivival

While chasing after the mysterious girl, Ryota runs into Taira Kiyoshi who helps fill in the blanks in his memory.

4. Best in the World

Kira Kosuke is a disturbed child, but when on the island his true nature can finally come out, unchecked. That is until he faces the best Btooom! player in Japan.

5. Attack

A pantless corpse floats by Taira and Sakamoto while they are eating lunch. When Sakamoto leaves to investigate he finds gruesome scene and a familiar figure.

6. Night of Sacrifice

In the moment of danger, trust issues start to show between Taira and Sakamoto. Sakamoto wants to save everyone especially the girl who just tried to kill him.

7. Virtual Bride

Miyamoto, the mercenary, has found Sakamoto and his team. This dangerous player will do anything it takes to win.

8. White Ghost

As Sakamoto and Himiko try to rest for the night, Himiko wrestles with the idea of telling Sakamoto her true identity, but before she can do anything she is visited by a “ghost."

9. The Strongest Player

A new player has joined Sakamoto’s team, but he carries a dark secret. Before the team could dive deeper into the new players past, a food drop overhead brings many players out of hiding.

10. High Level

It seems the players on the island are interconnected in more ways than one. While Sakamoto mulls over this new information, the good doctor begins his end game.

11. Revival

It seems the players on the island are interconnected in more ways than one. While Sakamoto mulls over this new information, the good doctor begins his end game.

12. Bonds

As Ryota and Himiko try to find Taira and stop him from attacking, Taira makes the ultimate decision. Meanwhile, Gemu has his employees rush to the island to fix a mechanical problem in the servers.

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Btooom! Vol. 7 Limited Edition
Btooom! Vol. 7 Limited Edition

Welcome fans of Btooom! Recently, I published a blog on Btooom! merchandise that features lots of Himiko shots especially that awesome t-shirt. After working at Btooom! Wikia for a while, I discovered where those anime art for Himiko came from.

Gravity Angel is a photo album featuring Himiko who poses erotically. It's similar to a Japanese idol's photo album. The photo album is released with a special edition volume 7 in Japan. (Source: Btooom! Wikia)

Since I can't add this info and all of its images onto the wiki article, I feel a blog is the best way to showcase this photo album.


I didn't arrange in order like my fellow editor, Bere (Bereisgreat), did in Btooom! Wikia. Instead, I organized into two rows: one vertical and one horizontal (since Anime Vice and Wikia's gallery functions are different.) If you want to see the correct order, please visit Btooom! Wikia. Plus, I didn't upload the whole gallery since I only chose ones that did not have a watermark.

Please enjoy.

Finally, I have misc shots that I found online where I don't know where they belong yet. If you guys and gals know, please feel free to tell me.

Thank you. Please support the Btooom! franchise, Anime Vice, and Btooom! Wikia.

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Welcome to the Btooom! Wiki Project!

Users who have helped with this project: Takashichea, DocHaus (retired), Buhssuht (retired), HalberdierV2 (retired), Nelli1876 (retired), Sophronimos (retired)

Franchise Page /// Characters /// Anime /// Movies & OVAs /// Manga & Light Novel

Past Project Blogs: Fall 2012 Wiki Projects

Past Events: Btooom! trailer, Btooom! Anime Discussion Thread,

Important Pages

The following pages are common/recurring or are specific to this franchise. Pages listed but not linked haven't yet been added to the wiki database (add them!)

When adding locations, don't forget to add parent locations. For example, when adding Japan to an episode or volume, Earth should also be added. Locations appearing in flashback sequences generally don't count.

Recurring Pages: Japan, Btooom! Island

Objects should be specific rather than general, like Natsu's Scarf instead of just Scarf or Purgatory Armor instead of Plate Armor. General objects are being removed from the wiki.

Recurring Objects: Btooom! Chip, BIM,


Common: Flashback, Fan Service, Big Boobs, Simulcast (b/c of Crunchyroll), Rape, Explosion, Murder, Japanese Honorifics,

Specific: Tyrannos Japan,


  • December 17, 2011: Sophronimos created the Btooom! manga page.
  • October 6, 2012: Takashichea started the anime project.
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Welcome to this belated news article on Btooom! This time, we got some sexy Himiko merchandise. Uh-huh, that's right. It's not your average, cute, Moe, doe eyed merchandise. No, this is sexy....

Please ignore my stupid title. I was sleepy when I did this. Anyway, I discovered an old Crunchyroll news when I was out hunting for Btooom! images.


First off, let's start with the bath goodies. We got a lovely towel that costs 4,515 Yen which is $57.

Then, we have a waterproof bath poster that sells for 1,890 Yen ($23.75).

Next, we got cups, plates, a placemat that has a relationship diagram, and a zippo lighter. I couldn't find the price for those things.

Yeah, those plates really make it awkward to eat food.

Now, for the hottest and somewhat embarrassing t-shirt that a fan would die wearing:

It look cool on the front, but on the back, I wonder about people's reactions to an anime girl hugging the back with only lingerie on.

Front Side
Front Side
Back Side
Back Side
Original Design
Original Design

I finally found out where this image came from when I uploaded from Zero Chan.

That's pretty much it for Btooom! Himiko is definitely Btooom!'s mascot. Who would imagine Kira Kosuke on a body pillow? Speaking of body pillows, I didn't see one for Himiko or even a mouse pad which is odd given how sexualized Himiko is. This is the most tame merchandise I've seen since there was plenty of oppai mousepads and body pillows for fan service heavy shows.


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Btooom! is survival action series that was started as manga of same name, written and illustrated by Junya Inoue.

Ryouta Sakamoto is a gamer who wishes to work at a game company at some point in his future, but that seems impossible for him since he is currently unemployed. During his time as unemployed, he is best player in the world in game known as BTOOOM, the world's most popular multiplayer game. However this is not something his mother is happy with, and so the two of them would constantly fight about Ryouta's future.

One day when Ryouta opens his eyes, he finds himself somewhere in tropical island, with bag filled with mysterious objects. It was revealed later that Ryouta is in part of real life BTOOM! game where people would actually die, and all the people in the game were nominated by other people who wished them to die. The only way to get out of it is to use special bomb named BIM and kill seven other contestant.

Written by Buhssuht

For more trailers, see Fall 2012 trailer anthology blog.

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Anime Vice Transforms

One epic arc concludes, and another begins.

PARASYTE - THE MAXIM #24 -- Watch & Learn

Yep. The non-ending you should've expected.

Welcome to Anime Vice - Level 2!

Vicers of the world -- GIVE ME YOUR POWER!!!

AKIRA - What's the Difference?

Tom teamed up with CineFix to break this classic adaptation down.

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