Btooom! Characters

Btooom! is a franchise comprised of 1 anime series, 1 manga series
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Aiko Serizawa

Serizawa Aiko is Ryota's crush in high school (Btooom franchise).


Arisa is one of Himiko's high school friends in the Btooom! franchise.

Gemu Shusaisha

Gemu Shusaisha is a game planner who orchestrated the deadly game in Btooom!

Hidemi Kinoshita

Hidemi is a frail yet manipulative girl in the Btooom! franchise.


known by her game username, Himiko is a mysterious Schoolgirl that arrived on the island as part of the "Game", and eventually teams up with Sakamoto.

Hitoshi Kakimoto

Hitoshi Kakimoto is Hidemi's former companion who was betrayed by Hidemi.

Isamu Kondo

Isamu is a character in the Btooom! franchise.


Kaguya is a young girl who is a member of Sanctuary.

Kira Kosuke

Kira Kosuke is a sadistic character in Btooom!

Kiyoshi Taira

Kiyoshi Taira is a another character in Btooom! who teamed up with Ryouta and Himiko.

Masahito Date

Masahito Date is a sadistic, manipulative doctor in Btooom! franchise.

Masashi Miyamoto

Masashi Miyamoto is a character in the Btooom! franchise.


Miho is Himiko's friend in the Btooom! franchise. She and her friends were raped by Yoshioka, and after that incident, she wrote Himiko's

Misako Hojo

Misako Hojo is a character in Btooom! franchise.

Mitsuo Akechi

Mitsuo Akechi is one of the Btooom characters.

Nabutaka Oda

Nabutaka Oda is a character in Btooom!

Ryouta Sakamoto

The protagonist of Btooom! He is a champion player of the game on Xbox, and when sent to a mysterious island, he must put his skills to the test in order to survive. his starting BIM type is timer.

Shiki Murasaki

Shiki Murasaki is a former survivor stranded on Btooom! island in the Btooom! franchise.

Soichi Natsume

Soichi Natsume is Kira's lawyer in the Btooom! franchise.

Tomoaki Iwakura

Tomoaki Iwakura is Kira's former companion.

Tsuneaki Ida

Tsuneaki ─¬da is one of the game developers at Tyrannos Japan in the Btooom franchise.

Yoshiaki Imagawa

Yoshiaki Imagawa is a character in the Btooom! franchise.

Yoshihisa Kira

Yoshihisa Kira is Kira's father in the Btooom! franchise.


Yoshioka and his band members are rapists.


Yuki is is Himiko's friend in the Btooom! franchise.

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