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Aioria Leo

A powerful Gold Saint who wears the Leo Cloth. He is the younger brother of the former Gold Saint Aiolos.

Akira Kurono

Kei's younger brother who is a member of the vampires trying to kill the Gantz members.


The Master of the Fist, Akuma embraced the principle of Satsui no Hadō translated to The Surge of the Intent to Murder/Murderous Intent. He is the father of Ryu, the brother of Gouken and Ken's sensei. Akuma is known as - The Raging Demon!

Alphonse Elric

Brother to: Edward

Alto Saotome


Known as the "Earth King", he is supposedly the second son of Satan, and the younger brother of Mephisto.

Amshel Goldsmith

Diva's primary Chevalier, a consummate scientist and businessman.

Aoba Saiga

Aoba Saiga is the second-oldest brother of Nachi Saiga.


The first Kishin who was originally a member of Shinigami's "Eight Powerful Warriors". He was insane for secretly eating souls of people not listed and eventually became the powerful Kishin, who was sealed under Death City until he escaped.He is the main villain of Soul Eater.


the main character of '' beet the vandel buster''

Blue Saphir

One of the members of the Black Moon Clan, and the younger brother of Prince Demand.

Bobby Funk

Bobby Funk is the younger brother of the assassin team The Funk Brothers.


Bolin is the brother of Mako and earthbender for the pro-bending team the Fire Ferrets.

Bon Para

Largest Para Para Brother


Wet-Haired Caribou is the captain of the Caribou Pirates and the user of the Swamp-Swamp Fruit.

Carrot Glace

Chii Shenron

One of the seven evil dragons that Goku must beat in order to restore the Dragon Balls and the earth to normal.

Clovis la Britannia

Clovis la Britannia was one of Charles di Britannia's children, and viceroy to Area 11. He was running secret experiments on C.C. Murdered by his half brother, Lelouch.


Brother to: Freeza

Dean Winchester

Brother to: Sam

Decalvan Bros.

Decalvan Brothers are allies of the Whitebeard Pirates. They joined in the battle at Marineford to save Ace


Den is a bering wolffish merman from Fish-Man Island and the younger brother of Tom the Builder. He's a shipwright and a Sea Forest researcher.

Don Quixote Rocinante

Don Quixote Rocinante is the first Corazon officer of the Don Quixote Family, and the younger brother of Don Quixote Doflamingo. He's a Silent-Man with the power of the Calm-Calm Fruit.

Doto Kazahana

Dotō Kazahana is the corrupt lord of the Land of Snow who took power by murdering his kind brother and hiring rogue ninja.

Edward Elric

Brother to: Alphonse

Eis Shenron

He is the three star dragon and his powers are ice he is the dirtiest amoung the shadow dragons as nova is the honorable dragon

Elder Toguro

Elder Toguro is the older brother of the much feared Toguro.


Duke's younger brother, he is a member of G.I. Joe who first appeared in G.I. Joe The Movie. Falcon has a lot of vices, he tries to hook up with any attractive woman he sees and has had issues with drug addiction.


Brock's younger brother who is the current Gym Leader of Pewter Gym.


Brother to: Cooler


Fukaboshi is a shark merman and the eldest of the three sons of the royal Neptune family on Fishman Island.


Fukegao wish to conquer the world, by making his brother the strongest man on Earth

Furutaka Saiga

Furutaka Saiga is the eldest brother of Nachi Saiga.


Brother to: Kankuro


The first lieutenant and leader of the Garuru Platoon. Garuru is the older brother of Giroro as such he and his brother have a slight rivalry.


Ginkaku is one of the Silver Gold Brothers, the most reviled criminals to come from the Hidden Cloud Village.


Brother to: Goten

Gohei Hiruma

The younger brother of Gihei Hiruma together they plotted to take control of Kaoru's Dojo. Gohei is a former samurai who became a murderer and falsely used the name "Hitokiri Battōsai" while Kihei did housework for Kaoru to gain her trust.


Brother to: Raditz

Gold Steiner

Gold Steiner is the man Izumi Curtis went to in northern Amestris to seek an alchemy apprenticeship, but she mistook him for his younger brother Silver Steiner.

Gorneo Luckens

Military artist of Zuellni who loathes Layfon due to his past in their home city of Grendan. Gorneo's brother is Savaris Qaulafin Luckens one of the 12 Heavens Blade Wielders of Grendan.


Brother to: Gohan


The man who trained Ryu and Ken. He is the brother of Akuma.

Gray Wolf

Tiger's younger brother who was made into a member of Moo's Big Bad Four.


They work in the Ministry of Hades. In mythology, they are known to record the deeds of humans; one records the good deeds, and the other records the bad.


A character in BlazBlue franchise. One of the Six Heroes.He was originally Jin Kisaragi but after bonding to the suasnoo'h unit he became the atoner for his sins.

Hakuren Ren

Hakuren Ren is Hakuryuu's brother who died in fire.

Hakuyuu Ren

Hakuyuu Ren is Hakuryuu's brother who died in the fire.

Helter Skelter

He was No.11 in the previous action of NMH1.

Henry Touchdown

The stuck-up prep of a brother that Travis has. He doesn't have an assassin rank.

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