Brothers is an anime episode of Sket Dance that was released on 09/15/2011

This episode focuses on the strong bonds between brothers, Shinzou and Shinpei and Switch and Masafumi. For the former, Shinzou and Shinpei get in a heated argument but despite this, the two reconcile, both realizing that they always look out for one another as brothers. As for the latter, Switch narrates his past when Masafumi was alive and how he deeply cared for and loved him, despite his brother's greater achievements and talents.

Plot Summary

Shinzou and Shinpei

The episode starts with the Sket Dan completing a request from Yoshie who wanted to get together with her crush by having her offer him two rare tickets to a concert he desperately wanted to attend. Later, Bossun starts to tell his team that his "damsel in distress" plan would have brought better results, when they suddenly notice Shinzou trying to dissuade a teen from driving out so late at night and causing trouble. They later learn that the teen was Shinzou's brother, Shinpei, a first year at Kaimei Academy.

Shinpei all battered
Shinpei all battered

At Shinzou's house, Shinzou explains that when him and Shinpei were younger, they constantly trained in kendo, however the latter couldn't excel as expected hence he decided to quit in his second year in middle school and became more defiant. Although the Sket Dan state that its normal for a teen to act rebellious sometimes, Shinzou clarifies that his concern lies with his brother developing a bad influence and going out late every night. He continues saying that he believes it all started with an argument they had after Shinpei used and broke his lucky bamboo sword to beat up a group of ruffians. After refusing to hit him for it, claiming that it would only sully his hand, Switch remarks that he should have done it to show that he has feelings for his brother. Bossun then tells his team that they shouldn't get involved between brothers and leave only to later spy on Shinpei by wearing Afros as disguises.

Switch deciding to help Shinpei find the bamboo sword
Switch deciding to help Shinpei find the bamboo sword

As they observe him, Yoshie pops up with her crush, Takashi, and begs Himeko, as a former bandmate, to come with them to do some karaoke because she's too nervous to be alone with him. However, they soon notice Shinpei driving off who stops by a river to look for something. While doing so, the ruffians he beat up earlier suddenly appear, ready to take revenge on him by bringing their entire gang along with them. As he fights them off with his fists, Bossun and his team arrives to help him out. With Himeko by his side, the gang finally gives up and run off but not without warning Shinpei that they'll be back. Once gone, Sket Dan ask if he came to the river to look for Shinzou's bamboo sword to which Shinpei confirms. He explains that he didn't use the sword to fight the delinquents because he knew that it meant a lot to his brother. But one of the guys dumped it into the river, hence he's been looking for it ever since in hopes that he'll find it before his brother's match tomorrow. Suddenly, Switch removes his shoes and drops his computer, and begins to search for the sword in the water. Despite Shinpei's protest, Bossun and Himeko decide to join in.

Shinpei asks his brother for his forgiveness
Shinpei asks his brother for his forgiveness

The next day, Shinpei arrives at the Kendo tournament and becomes shocked upon learning that Shinzou had lost his match. He then falls to his knees and asks his brother for forgiveness. Shinzou however, tells him that he lost because he was weak not because he didn't have his bamboo sword. Although Shinpei argues otherwise, Shinzou refuses to let him take the blame by taking out his sword and challenging him to a match. As they battle, the Sket Dan smile over the brothers' reconciliation.

Switch and Masafumi

Switch, originally Masafumi's nickname
Switch, originally Masafumi's nickname

The second half of the episode flashes back to Switch's (a.k.a Kazuyoshi) younger years as a 14-year-old boy. It begins with the two having breakfast when Switch asks his brother, Masafumi (a.k.a. Switch; this is where Switch's nickname originated), to have a look at his computer, claiming that its beyond his abilities to fix it. Switch narrates, explaining that his brother used to be called "Usui-chi" in 3rd grade which somehow changed to "Switch", a nickname that reflected his technological intellect. He even admits that despite being one year younger, his brother was always smarter than him.

At school, Switch visits the bookstore where he decides to buy a computer programming guide for his brother. On his way home, he bumps into Sawa, one of his childhood friends along with her friend, Yukino. Switch explains that they went to different high schools following middle school and how over the years, she had gotten prettier.

Switch's fond memories
Switch's fond memories

At Switch's house, Sawa explains to him that she asked to come over to talk about a stalker that had recently started to follow her. He immediately asks her if she might know him but learns that she didn't. Although he was slightly skeptical about this at first, he disregarded it, admitting to himself that she had many male admirers since she was a junior, even though it made him unhappy. His thoughts are suddenly interrupted by Sawa who notices an old photo of her, him and Masafumi when they were children. She then starts to recall what happened before they took the photo, whereby she jokingly told him that she would be his wife when they get older. After suggesting they go to a fireworks show together again sometime, Masafumi walks in and greets her. During their conversation, Sawa asks about his "Speech Synthesis Program" to which he says that he's almost done, and decides to show her how it works.

Switch and Sawa fascinated by Masafumi's software
Switch and Sawa fascinated by Masafumi's software

In Masafumi's room, Sawa and Switch watch as he demonstrates the workings of his latest software. After doing so, Sawa reacts in an over-enthusiastic manner, hugging him over his brilliant accomplishment, while Switch smiles at him with pride, recalling how he taught him about computers only to be surpassed by him.

The next day, Sawa goes to her mailbox only to find a death threat written on a small note by someone anonymous.

Points of Interest

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Yoshi and her date did not appear in the manga.
  • The fight between Hime and Shinpei by the river did not occur in the manga.


  • Japanese Name: "Ani, otōto" (兄・弟)
  • Manga Chapters: 41 and half of 42 (Volume 5)
  • Opening Theme: "Michi (道)" by The Sketchbook
  • Ending Theme: "Clover (クローバー)" by The Sketchbook

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Kenta Shinohara Original Concept The mangaka behind Sket Dance.
Keiichiro Kawaguchi Director Director for Hayate the Combat Butler and Moetan.


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