Brothers is an anime episode of Blue Exorcist that was released on 05/01/2011


Rin go to True Cross Academy for the first time; he learns that Yukio is his teacher and wonders how he knew exorcism. Tension arises between the two brothers as Rin demand the truth from Yukio.

Plot Summary

The episode begins taking on Rin was standing in a room in the church. When he went outside, he asked the church people where Yukio went. After then, Yukio was visiting Fujimoto's grave and remembering about his past. After that, Rin went outside of the gate and Mephisto arrive to take both Rin and Yukio to the True Cross Academy. As they are on their way, Rin remembered about what Mephisto told him and wondering why does Yukio coming along. As they are arrived, Rin saw an announcement that the freshman has revealed to be his own brother. Rin was amazed and didn't thought he would become a freshman so faster than he does. Much later, Rin exploring the whole academy and amazed as he never seen this kind of academy before where the students looking at him. When Rin go downstairs, he were wondering where's the dorm at and meet up a white dog.

When the white dog goes, he followed the dog and the dog changed himself and he's no other than Mephisto Pheles. As Mephisto explained a few things, he gave Rin the key to the room he'll studying at. As Mephisto turned himself into a dog again, he later go with Rin to the room. When Rin open the door, he saw a few people and introduce himself at the door and goes to his seat. As he's wondering who are those people, Mephisto told him that they're studying to become an exorcist like him. Much later, the teacher came and stated that he will become the homeroom teacher. Rin was amazed seeing his own brother become his teacher, Yukio Okumura. He told them that even he's at the same age as them, he already finished become an exorcist 2 years ago.

Curious by the truth, Rin goes to Yukio and ask what's going on. Yukio then told the class to out of the room for a while and have a little chat with Rin. When Yukio told Rin about the truth, he told Rin that he already become an Exorcist since he's a 7 years old child under the tutor of Fujimoto Shiro. As Rin kept begging to told him about the truth, the blood of a demon falls and spread where its finally summoned a bunch of Hob-Goblins Demon. As Yukio defeating the Demons, he explained that it was Rin's fault for Fujimoto's death. As Yukio angry to Rin, he points his gun to Rin. This makes Rin angry and blows a powerful force. He later took his sword out and told Yukio to shoot him if that would makes him happy. After then, Rin rush through Yukio and slash a giant hob-goblin demon who about to attack Yukio.

As the demons are defeated, Yukio ask Rin what was Fujimoto's last moment like. Rin told him that he was so cool that he protecting him until the end. Rin told Yukio that he wanted to become an exorcist so no one would die because of him anymore. Yukio smiles and told RIn that its the same as his reasons on becoming an exorcist too. The class returned and surprised to see the mess they've made on class. When Rin going to his room, Yukio appeared and surprised Rin. As RIn ask why he's here, Yukio told him that he already insisted to stay at the same room with Rin. Yukio then told Rin that he'll be watching over him and told him to work on the today's homework.

Points of Interest

  • The hooded person who plays games does not need a seiyuu yet.


  • Japanese Name: "Ani to Otōto" (兄と弟)
  • Manga Chapter: Chapter 2 (Volume 1)
  • Opening Theme: "Core Pride" by Uverworld
  • Ending Theme: "Take Off" by 2PM

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tensai Okamura Director He's the creator of Darker than Black and a director for many shows.
Kazue Kato Original Concept A writer, illustrator, and mangaka. Creator of the manga Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist).
Ryota Yamaguchi Writer
Hiroyuki Sawano Music He's the musician in Guilty Crown, Blue Exorcist, and more.
Hiro Maruyama Producer


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