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Brother and Sister is a anime/manga concept
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Akari Tsukumo

The older sister of Yuma Tsukumo.

Akatsuki Ousaka

The main protagonist of Hagure Yuusha no Estetica. He is an inter-dimensional traveler.

Akeno Shiranui

Akeno Shiranui is the mermaid examiner who comes to Isono Junior High School. Her job is to test if a mermaid can blend in with society.

Aki Aoi

Sister of Sora and Nami in Aki-Sora.

Akiha Tohno

Akiha is the caring younger sister of Shiki Tohno in Lunar Legend Tsukihime. She has a bit of a crush on her brother and as a result does not get along well with Arcueid Brunestud and Ciel.

Akihiko Sanada

Akihiko Sanada is a playable character in Persona 3. He works with S.E.E.S. to stop the dark hour. Akihiko become a character in Persona -trinity soul-.

Akio Ohtori

The attractive and sexually induced acting chairman of the Ohtori Academy. It's hinted that he and Dios were one and the same in his youth, but he lost his purpose as a prince making him possibly comparable to a fallen angel.

Akira Tanaka

Alex Louis Armstrong

Alex Louis Armstrong is the Strong-Arm Alchemist in the Amestris State Military. A muscular, compassionate man. He's the fourth child of the Armstrong Family.

Amalla Su

Amalla Su is Kaolla Su's sister.

Amue Armstrong

Amue Armstrong is the second daughter of the Armstrong family.

An Tachibana

Android 17

Brother to: #18

Android 18

Sister to: #17

Ange Ushiromiya

Sister to: Battler

Anju Maaka

Ren's sister

Anna Liebert

Sister to: Johan.

Aoba Saiga

Aoba Saiga is the second-oldest brother of Nachi Saiga.

Apollo Justice

Apollo Justice is a young defense attorney who was taken in by Phoenix Wright to revive his lost law firm.

Asuka Tenjouin

Fubuki's sister

Ayaka Yukihiro

Ayaka is the class representative of Negi's class 3-A. The daughter of a rich and powerful family. Her love for Negi borders on the extreme.

Azaka Kokuto

The sister of Mikiya Kokutou, she is a caring individual with a bit of brother complex. As a result, she doesn't get along with Shiki Ryougi very well, but she has the power to manipulate fire.


Sister to: Zuko

Battler Ushiromiya

Brother to: Ange

Bolt Uzumaki

Bolt Uzumaki is the son of Naruto Uzumaki and Hinata Hyuga.


Sister to: Trunks

Chan and En

Chun and en are albino twins that work for Toto/Hagire the Director.

Chiaki's Little Brother

He is Chiaki Takahashi's little brother in the Sket Dance franchise.

Chii Shenron

One of the seven evil dragons that Goku must beat in order to restore the Dragon Balls and the earth to normal.

Claire Redfield

One of the two main characters of the game Resident Evil 2 and one of the main characters of Resident Evil Code: Veronica. She is also a main character of the movie Resident Evil: Degeneration

Davis Motomiya

The Main Character in Digimon Adventure 02 and one of the new Chosen Children (Digi Destined). His partner is Veemon.


Ebizo is an elder of the Hidden Sand Village and brother of Chiyo, grandmother of Sasori.

Eis Shenron

He is the three star dragon and his powers are ice he is the dirtiest amoung the shadow dragons as nova is the honorable dragon

Elena Perepelkina

Elena Perepelkina is a member of the Russian Division of the Annex I project under Sylvester Asimov.

Elfman Strauss

A member of the Fairy Tail guild and Mirajane's younger brother. Elfman has the ability to absorb the power of monsters he defeated into his arm.

Fubuki Tenjouin

Asuka's older brother who disappeared earlier in the series after going to the abandoned dorm for a exam. He came back possessed by Darkness and was the first of the Seven Star Assassins to challenge Judai.


Fukaboshi is a shark merman and the eldest of the three sons of the royal Neptune family on Fishman Island.

Furutaka Saiga

Furutaka Saiga is the eldest brother of Nachi Saiga.


Futaba is one of the seven siblings of Himeno Shirayuki. Always in red.

Future Trunks

Brother to: Bra


Temari's brother


Silver's older brother and a member of the Ayakashi.

Gou Matsuoka

Gou Matsuoka is a student of Iwatobi High School.


Iria's older brother who is a full fledged Bounty Hunter. He was assimilated by Zeiram after the Karma Job.


Gretel is the secretary of the Otogi Academy Student Council, and very close to her brother, Hansel.


Hansel is the president of the Otogi Academy Student Council, and very close to his sister, Gretel.

Hansel and Gretel

Hansel and Gretel are twin orphans from Romanian who were raised by violence to become sadistic killers for hire.

Haruka Kuran

Brother to: Juri

Haruka Tanaka

She is Taichi Tanaka's older sister.

Hatsuki Saotome

A high school student who along with her brother was transferred to the pre-historic world after the strange meteor shower hit Japan. Hatsuki eventually transformed into a Dinosaur like creature and devoured her brother without realizing it.

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