Does Broly have a SSJ3?

Topic started by mydeathlyways on March 3, 2011. Last post by Daniel_Newton 2 years, 7 months ago.
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@EoS: ALso  I do agree with the statement that destiny is one of the good debaters
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you guys should try to get along though, and only get heated when its neccessary
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@Kurohige: Dude, I never said it was an actual Supernova, I stated it's called a Supernova. And Broly did tanked planet vegeta's explosion, it even says it on his history. The remnants of its explosion was able to swallow Broly but still he managed to float out. Clearly you can see Broly floating away while it explodes around the space of planet Vegeta. And I admit that Sailor Moon defeats Goku.  
  I never thought, I was just assuming. It looked like a galaxy collapsing or some sh*t but who knows, I want to go over to japan and smack Akira for not explaining sh*t in DBZ. 
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@mydeathlyways: hey hey guys way off topic, now that ur question has been answered I think this thread is done
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I mean we did argue before that was the point of my post, also you were saying it was a supernova because he simply called it that and I explained that to you, and again just like I showed in the video he never tanked that explosion "Broly liberated us from the blast" did you miss that part in the video?
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Games are not canon so no, he never reached that point in anime or manga, simple as that
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It is cannon but not exactly there ideas Akira came up with but there for the what if saga
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@Sonata: Broly was too a Cannon Character... just not SSj3 Broly, SSj3 Broly was put into the raging blast 2 game for the fans, since there was a lot of questions sent to Kira asking if its was part of the series at some point, but in fact SSJ3 Broly is not in any part of the story nor any of the movies... Yet. They have officaly made Bardock have the ability to turn super Saiyan. And that is cannon.

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Broly obly achieved SSJ3 in a video game which is non canon.
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I'm amazed so many of you are saying Super Saiyan 3 Broly is canon. Broly isn't canon at all. It doesn't matter how many damn video games he's been in. He's a movie character, not a canon character.

The only video game that's considered canon, as far as I know, is the MMO game which is set waaay into the future.

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hey im not sure i though i was a thing about ssj5 broly i think its fake though so please inform me about it
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@daredevil69: There is no such thing as Super Saiyan 5.

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