Broken Glasses and the Sole of the Foot

Broken Glasses and the Sole of the Foot is an anime episode of Space Brothers that was released on 06/30/2012

The teams have spent almost a week in the boxed environment as JAXA continues to monitor them closely. Yasushi accidentally steps on and breaks Fukuda's glasses, and starts feeling guilty. We learn about Fukuda-san's daughter, and how he did not spend much time with her due to his commitment to his dream of becoming an astronaut. Fukuda may be 54 years old now, but he wants to give his dream the best shot he can, and is determined to keep up with his younger teammates.

Plot Summary

The teams have now spent 5 days in the sealed box environment. Team A is having a game where they make funny faces and try not to laugh at each other, the winner gets the other person's pudding. Serika and Nitta both sit out, but Yasushi seems to be a pro, as he makes the funniest faces. However he meets his match when he bursts out laughing to a face that Fukuda makes.

Fukuda rinses his face
Fukuda rinses his face

14 years ago Fukuda was working on rocket development. The rocket that Fukuda had been working on was preparing to be launched, and Fukuda, on the phone with his divorced wife, wanted to speak with his daughter, Ryoko, and tell her about it. But his ex-wife heard none of it, "it's too late to start acting like a father now." Fukuda's ex-wife criticized him about always being too focused on his work. Back in the present, Fukuda is washing his face, and accidentally knocks his glasses off the counter and onto the floor. Yasushi walks by and accidentally steps on and breaks Fukuda's glasses.

Mutta and Yasushi discuss Fukuda's glasses
Mutta and Yasushi discuss Fukuda's glasses

After 5 days, JAXA has determined 3 different personalities for the teams, Team A is rowdy, Team C is quiet and Team B is a little gloomy. At the same time, Director Nasuda isn't so sure that they should draw any sharp conclusions so soon because doing the running math and typing tests can add up stress over time. Meanwhile Team A discusses what they should do about Fukuda's broken glasses. However Fukuda stoically says they won't make that much of a difference and he will be alright. Fukuda struggles during the next typing test, but still does well during running math. Fukuda wonders what it will take for him to be chosen as an astronaut over his younger teammates. Fukuda is determined to match his competitors in physical endurance, and even act younger than he is if he has to. However, after his next running math, he feels more exhausted than usual.

Ryoko and Fukuda
Ryoko and Fukuda

Fukuda continues his flashback from earlier. Development was halted on the rocket that he was working on, and he failed the exams for astronaut recruitment. His ex-wife told him to stop working so hard for nothing and stop clinging to his dream like a child. Fukuda says he will not give up. In the present, Fukuda wonders how Ryoko, his daughter, felt about him. Fukuda remembers promising Ryoko that he would spend lots of time playing with her after he finished working on the rocket, but he ended up breaking lots of promises to her. Ever since Fukuda was a child he wanted to make Japan's first manned rocket and ride it into space. Meanwhile, Yasushi is starting to feel guilty about stepping on Fukuda's glasses and has a funny feeling on the sole of his foot.

Yasushi is guilty about stepping on Fukuda's glasses
Yasushi is guilty about stepping on Fukuda's glasses

Director Nasuda tells Tsurumi not to order a new pair of glasses for Fukuda yet even though they have his prescription. Nasuda says Fukuda does well under pressure and is interested to see how it affects the other team members. Just then, Yasushi and Mutta are having a hand-stand contest, the person that does the longer hand-stand decides what the other will call them. Mutta wants to be called "Mu-chan", while Yasushi wants to be called "Ya-san." After a week of being in the boxed environment, Mutta has tried analyzing his teammates. He notices that Yasushi overreacts to the word "small". Serika's cooking is amazing, but always cooks too much. Nitta seems to always be calm, however he takes forever in the restroom. Lastly, Fukuda is a tough man, but two days after his glasses broke his score for the typing test reached zero. Ultimately Mutta loses the hand-stand contest because he was using the palm of his hand instead of his fists like Yasushi. Since standing on your fists reduces strain on the wrist, Yasushi was able to do a hold his hand-stand longer than Mutta.

Yasushi walks to bed
Yasushi walks to bed

Mutta confronts Yasushi about Fukuda's glasses. Yasushi thinks that this makes things more fair. This is because Yasushi thinks that since Fukuda was working on rocket development, he must have been working alongside lots of JAXA members. Serika overhears this and steps in saying that that is probably not true. When Serika talked with Fukuda on the bus, Fukuda told her that when he heard about JAXA's current astronaut selection exams, he immediately quit his job. That night before Yasushi goes to sleep, Yasushi writes a note saying "Please order Fukuda-san new glasses," and shows it to the camera. The feeling in his foot goes away, and he is relieved.

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Ayumu Watanabe Director
Chuuya Koyama Original Concept Creator of the manga Uchuu Kyoudai.
Koji Yabuno Character Artist/Designer
Shigeru Morita Writer Best known for being one of the screenwriters on Gundam Seed and its follow-ups, Morita has also written episodes of Blood , Toward the Terra, and co-written storylines for Linebarrels of Iron and Seikon no Qwaser.
Tomomi Mochizuki Storyboard
Toshiyuki Watanabe Music


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