Breast.1 is an anime episode of Soushisouai Note: The Animation that was released on 02/22/2013

Plot Summary

In the first part at a mixer Madoka (invited by her friends Yurie and Natsumi, who needed someone to entertain the one of the three boys there) meets Mitsuru, who is in the same high school football club at school. She reveals she loves kissing and asks him to try that. This leads to a visit to a love hotel and afterwards it seems they have become a couple. The part ends with them trying to figure out how to behave towards each other during club activities while Ai, Madoka’s fellow manager in the club, looks on.

After the eyecatches, the second part picks up right where part one ended. Ai is in love with fellow club member Hitoshi and especially loves his sweat. She even washes his clothes for him, just to be surrounded by his smell at home. Hitoshi is in love with Ai as well and especially loves her very large breasts. After Madoka is finished talking to Mitsuru and she and Ai watch Hitoshi and his friends goofing off, Ai and Hitoshi meet up in a dressing room and have sex. Afterwards, when walking home, she demands his dirty clothes, including his underwear.

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