Breast Massage?

Breast Massage? is an anime episode of Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho that was released on 09/05/2007

Plot Summary

Breast Massage?
RomajiNyū Nyū?
TV Air Date
September 5, 2007
MangaCh. 18 (Vol.2), 39, 40, 42 (Vol.3), 53 (Vol. 4)
Theme Music
Opening"DOLPHIN☆JET (Dolphin Jet)" by Ayane, lyrics and composition by Chiyomaru Shikura, arrangement by Kōji Ueno
Ending"Splash BLUE~太陽とレモネード~ (Splash Blue: Taiyou to Lemonade)" by Ayumi Murata, lyrics and composition by Urara Takai, arrangement by Kōji Ueno

Kaname and Amuro visit the annual Onoshima festival together with Masashi and Kaname’s mother. As the other three discuss the fact that Masashi originally lived on Onoshima, Kaname wonders how long the Ninagawas plan to stay at his house. An enthusiastic Amuro decides to check out all the stalls, dragging along Kaname, as his mother warns him not to get Amuro’s yukata dirty. Having fun, Kaname wonders if he and Amuro look like a couple, when they are interrupted by a jealous Maaya. Wanting to hang out with Kaname (and without Amuro), she starts talking about the past, of which Kaname obviously has different memories than she has, which causes him to decline her offer to walk around like in the old days. But Maaya accuses him of wanting to hang out with Amuro instead, because she has bigger breasts and she throws a fit and runs away. As Amuro, taking Maaya’s words seriously, wonders about having above average sized breasts (if Kaname likes them and if they are more than a burden), Momoko, Sanae, Mirei, Kaori and Chigusa show up.

Meanwhile, Maaya, annoyed Kaname does not run after her, states she did not choose to have a small chest, which is overheard by Makio. She tells Maaya of her wish to have bigger breasts and that she has heard of a secret technique to get them to grow. Maaya follows her to a toilet building, where inside they start massaging each other’s breasts, which according to Makio is the secret technique. And thus the Breast Massage Alliance is formed.

Back at the festival Kaname and Amuro, now hanging out with Momoko’s group, run into Ikamasa, who together with his dad, runs a fish scooping stall at the festival and needs their help getting customers… again. The Ikariyas think that the Umishou girls giving the fish scooping a try will attract customers. Ikamasa’s dad hopes they will do it wearing swimsuits, but an angry Momoko tells him they will not. Ikamasa shows them the tank containing all kinds of expensive fish and hands out regular scoops, which are not strong enough for these fish, which are much bigger than the regular goldfish. When the girls complain, the Ikariyas tell them it is on purpose; if people could win these fish, it would mean a financial disaster for them. Amuro, though, manage to catch fish after fish and the shocked Ikariyas decide to add more fish, eels this time. Soon Momoko and Mirei have eels stuck between their breasts, begging Kaname for help. As Kaname starts panicking he slips on some spilt water and falls against Momoko. She is unable to keep her balance and both crash against the side of the fish tank, breaking it. As everyone tries to catch the fish, the Ikariyas watch in horror, before getting tied up to a tree by Momoko as punishment.

Meanwhile, Mirei enters the toilet building to readjust her yukata after the eel incident. There, she finds Makio and Maaya, still massaging each others’ breasts. After explaining Makio wanting her to become their advisor, asks Mirei when her chest started to stand out. As Mirei tries to explain and tells them she does not like the attention her breasts are getting her, Maaya angrily accuses her of bragging. Makio asks Mirei what causes them to grow, making all kinds of suggestions. Maaya joins in, but her suggestions are more like accusations and insults. Under their pressure, Mirei starts a story about seeing a cow during a farm visit, its udders making her wonder if she was going to end up like that and shortly afterward she started growing… she thinks. Maaya does not believe her, but Makio does, claiming thinking or believing something will make it happen. She asks Mirei for help with image training by showing them her breasts. Because Makio keeps begging, Mirei finally reluctantly opens her yukata, awing Makio and Maaya (even though she did not want to see them). Makio cannot resist touching Mirei’s breasts and urges Maaya to do the same. Maaya reluctantly follows Makio’s example, but when Mirei lets out a little scream, Maaya comes to her senses and angrily leaves. Makio states a crack has appeared in their alliance and Mirei asks her to let go of her breasts.

As Kaname tries to wring his wet shirt, Amuro hears an announcement for a watermelon eating contest. Wanting them to participate, she runs to the queue, dragging along Kaname. Arriving there, they spot Masashi, who wants to participate as well and soon they are handed swimsuits they must wear. The contest’s organizer, Yoshi, the owner of Beach House Peace, explains that whoever stops eating or throws up is disqualified and is dropped into a water tank. Kaname tries to complain that he will drown, but Yoshi starts the contest anyway. Realizing his only option is to win, Kaname starts eating as fast as he can, which in turn fires up Amuro. After just over 15 minutes one of the contestants starts throwing up, followed by three others. As the four of them are dropped into the water tank, Kaname realizes he almost threw up as well. As the contest goes on, Kaname, approaching his limit, tries to think of something else (Momoko and Mirei encouraging him while cosplaying as a nurse and maid) while eating. Another two contestants are eliminated, leaving Masashi, Amuro and Kaname, who hopes the Ninagawas will let him win. After Amuro gives up, Kaname explains to Masashi that he cannot swim and asks him to let him win, but Masashi tells him he wants the victory. Kaname starts eating as if his life depends on it, in his mind now supported by a cosplaying Maaya and Sanae as well. Just when Kaname starts to think he cannot go on, Yoshi realizes Masashi has lost consciousness and declares Kaname the winner. The next day Amuro, to Kaname’s horror, wants a watermelon eating rematch.

During all these …spectacles Takeda, Jun and Isao have an adventure of their own. Coming to the festival to pick up girls, Jun and Isao quickly lock on some targets, only to get rejected immediately and violently. Calling them pathetic, Takeda promises to show them how to do it and approaches a girl, not realizing she is still a kid. When her mother arrives, wondering what is going on, the misfit trio quickly runs away. After catching their breaths, they spot a group of girls walking away from them and Takeda tries to get their attention. They turn out to be Shinomiya’s Karena, Tomoko, Ran Shinmi and Miyuki Hara. The boys realize who the girls are, but Karena only wonders she might have met them before. Takeda tries to hit on her, but fails miserably. As the girls walk away, Karena complains the festival is boring. Isao and Jun are ready to give up when someone asks them if they are alright. It turns out to be Tomoko, together with Ran and Miyuki. Tomoko asks the boys if they want to light fireworks with them, since Karena left them behind. For a moment Takeda thinks about refusing because of their looks, but gladly accepts after all. Soon, Isao is in a conversation with Ran and Jun is entertaining Miyuki with his laptop. Takeda, getting jealous, throws a piece of firework towards them, but it bounces back towards Tomoko, causing her to jump out of its way and bump into him. Soon the two of them are talking as well, Tomoko telling Takeda she is envious of Umishou, since Shinomiya is being dominated by Karena. Takeda replies Umishou is lead by a demon woman and Tomoko laughs, telling him they have a lot in common. Just when they are about to kiss, though, the child Takeda tried to pick up and her mother arrive with a policeman, accusing the boys of trying to kidnap her daughter. Takeda denies, telling he only tried to pick her up, shocking the Shinomiya girls, before he, Isao and Jun are taken away to a police station.

Points of Interest

  • Several of the bags and masks sold at the festival contain references to other series.
  • As in episode 5, Masashi tries to steal a lion statue.
  • This episode shows both Kaname and Maaya and Mirei as kids.
  • The eyecatch image is most likely based on an image from chapter 41 (vol.4) of the manga, in which Mirei has a similar accident.
  • This episode contains the beam of light style censoring, used in such a way it looks like Mirei’s breasts emit the light (the light even comes out of the toilet building she is in)
  • The story featuring the Umishou boys is placed after the episode ending.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Two chapters taking place before and one taking place after the Onoshima festival chapters are integrated into the Onoshima festival arc. Maaya claiming her small chest and Amuro’s larger breasts are the reason Kaname hangs out with Amuro instead of her and Makio hearing her, forming an alliance with her happened way back in chapter 18 of the manga. This alliance getting help from Mirei happened in chapter 39 of the manga, right before the Onoshima festival arc. Both these chapters take place at school in the manga. The melon eating competition takes place a bit later in the manga, after the Kantou tournament, which still has to happen in the anime. The inclusion of these chapters causes most of the differences.
  • The Luck Run chapter (Ch. 41), part of the arc in the manga, is entirely ignored in the anime, most likely because it features two characters not present in the anime at all: Maaya’s trainer Iori and Ikamasa’s brother Taku. In the manga those two appear in the other chapters of the arc as well.
  • In the manga Momoko’s group consists of herself, Sanae, Mirei, Makio and Maaya (and Iori tagging along). Because of the integration of the mentioned chapters Makio and Maaya are not part of this group in the anime, they are replaced by Kaori and Chigusa.
  • In the manga Taku accidentally pushed Momoko against the fish tank, breaking it, but because of his absence in the anime, a slipping Kaname crashing into Momoko causes the breaking here.
  • In the manga Makio went to Mirei for help, but in the manga Makio asks Mirei’s help after she stumbled upon Makio and Maaya massaging each other.
  • At the end of that same manga chapter Makio’s and Maaya’s alliance is reformed… sort of, at least. The anime part ends with Maaya running off.

Characters & Voice Actors

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Mitsuru Hattori Original Concept Mitsuru Hattori is the artist and writer of the Kenko Zenrakei Suieibu Umisho manga series.


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