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Breaking up is Hard to Doom is an anime episode of Voltron that was released on 11/19/1989
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End of the Lion Saga Reviewed by EganTheVile1 on Aug. 22, 2010. EganTheVile1 has written 11 reviews. His/her last review was for The girl in the dark. 15 out of 17 users recommend his reviews. 2 out of 3 users found this review helpful.
OK let me just say this review contains a TON of spoilers, so if you are new to the series, or even an old fan who missed the finale of the Lion version of Voltron's series, you may not want to read this review 
The episode starts off with Queen Merla struggling with her desire to reform and wondering if it is even possible for someone who was as evil as she to even become good at all, when she is suddenly intruded upon by her ex-boyfriend Lotor, who claims he still loves and wants to marry her, also wishes to reform, and will help the Voltron Force defeat his father Zarkon and Haggar to prove it, Merla reluctantly takes Lotor back on this condition, but is less then thrilled to see Cossack who she describes as being a "bad influence" on Lotor, but Lotor says he will help Voltron and reminds Merla he is doing it for her. 
Cut to Arus... 
The forces of King Zarkon are on the ropes, slaves inspired by Voltron have revolted and taken back many worlds, the most powerful Robeasts have been slain, and with Zarkon's alliances with Stride, Merla, and even his own son Lotor broken there has never been a greater moment for the Galaxy Alliance to strike at Planet Doom, and they plan to send the Voltron Force in to end the tyranny of King Zarkon once and for all, thus the Voltron Force travel to Planet Doom in a fully assembled Voltron to end the war once and for all. When the team approaches Planet Doom they are contacted by Lotor who claims he wants to help due to Keith and Lance saving him from being executed by his father, the team does not trust him however and end up being caught in one of Witch Haggar's traps. Lotor gives the team the information they need to break free, and with nothing to lose they try Lotor's advice and escape the trap. Soon after Merla's ship arrives on the scene and with her word that she and Lotor are both now reformed, the Voltron Force, Lotor, and Merla push forward through Planet Doom's defenses but are met with a deadly surprise, a cat like robeast (Coba?) attacks Voltron, and nearly defeats the virtually undefeatable mecha but thanks to the intervention of Lotor and Merla's ships attack the robeast distracting it long enough for Voltron to regain his composure and use the blazing sword to slay the cat monster, Haggar is also caught in the ensuing explosion and crashes to the ground in defeat.  Voltron lands on Doom, but is met by Robot Soldiers threatening to execute slaves if Voltron does not immediately surrender, but Lotor soon lands and throws his sword at one of the slaves, as the blade meets it's target the slave is revealed to actually be a robot soldier and Voltron resumes it's attack. Soon The Voltron Force, Lotor, and Merla reunite on the ground, and Lotor saves Keith from a robot sniper, Lotor states that the battle is not over yet and he along with the Voltron Force press forward into Castle Doom while Merla remains behind. As the unlikely allies approach Zarkon's throne room, Lotor proposes to Allura who immediately rejects him and points out that he is promised to Merla, Lotor gets angry, but regains his composure.  Now in the throne room of Zarkon the team find themself trapped in a dome, and as Lotor approaches Zarkon the Voltron Force believe their new friend will save them, but Lotor is revealed to be the true mastermind behind their capture, and Zarkon is revealed to actually be Cossack in disguise, Lotor reveals a "tentacle bomb" enclosed in the dome with the Voltron Force and leaves the team to die but Pidge manages to blast a hole in the dome and the team escapes unknown to Lotor or Cossack. As Lotor walks by Merla outside he states that becoming good is impossible, Merla states that Lotor took the cowards way out, and as Keith appears to confront the Prince of Doom, Merla simply leaves siding neither with or against any of her allies. A lightsaber like battle ensues between Keith and Lotor, which ends with Lotor on the losing end, but as the Tentacle Bomb explodes a chain reaction occurs which destroys all of Planet Doom, and Keith is forced to end his fight with Lotor and escape the destruction. 
Back on Arus a threatening message is sent to the team by the true King Zarkon who states that he will never be defeated... End speech about how good will always triumph, cut to Voltron standing tall. 
So obviously I liked the episode or why the heck would I write so much about it? It was a great end to the series that still left things open for expansion, but if that expansion never came then at least the slaves had been freed and Planet Doom had been destroyed so great and satisfactory end to the series.... But it was not the end! the show continued with Vehicle Voltron,,, So I will just say that this is a great episode, definately one planned to be the series finale, and thankfully kept clips from past episodes to a minimal, a solid episode and probably one of the top 5 of Voltron's last two Lion Voltron seasons. 
4 out of 5
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