Breakdown! The Deal Is Off!

Breakdown! The Deal Is Off! is an anime episode of Naruto that was released on 07/28/2004
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Breakdown! The Deal Is Off! - 交渉決裂!! (Kōshō Ketsuretsu!)

Gripped by the desire to see Nawaki and Dan, Tsunade almost succumbs to Orochimaru's tempting offer. Not taking no as an answer, Orochimaru sends his acolyte, Kabuto, to match power of medical jutsu with the legendary Sannin and force her to heal him.


Opening Theme-

"GO!!!" by FLOW

At the meeting place, Tsunade stands across from Orochimaru and Kabuto. Orochimaru realizes that Tsunade didn't try to heal him but kill him. Being a medical jutsu specialist, as well, could tell the murderous intent in Tsunade's chakra. Orochimaru goes on to tell her that he had every intention of resurrecting her dead loved ones and even promised not to destroy the Hidden Leaf Village, but she knew that was just a lie. Still, she just wanted to see and touch her brother, Nawaki; and her lover, Dan, one last time. It was at the very last minute that she realized how foolish she was for agreeing to such an idea. It was because of Naruto that she remembered their dream. All three share the dream to be hokage and protect the people of the Hidden Leaf Village. With a breakdown in negotiations, Orochimaru says he must how act through force to get his arms healed.

Tsunade wipes the tears from her eyes and is ready to fight. She rushes forward and with a single kick that barely misses it creates a massive crater. From a safe distance, Orochimaru comments how the two of them have never really gone all out on each other. Tsunade abandons her cloak, she punches the wall they are standing on, and it shatters instantly. Orochimaru remarks that with such strength it would mean death with one punch. Kabuto suggests a new battleground for this fight and they both fall back with Tsunade in pursuit. As they run, Kabuto tells Orochimaru that Jiraiya is also in the area.

Kabuto charges his Chakra Scalpel jutsu
Kabuto charges his Chakra Scalpel jutsu

Jiraiya, Naruto, and Shizune arrive at the meeting point and find it devastated. Shizune realizes that Tsunade must have refused. They find her cloak, and Tonton, the pig, sniffs it to track her scent. In a distant field, Tsunade is still trying to crush Kabuto and Orochimaru. Both Kabuto and Tsunade seem out of breath. Commenting on how he's poor at taijutsu, he reaches into a pouch to pull out a small food pill, starts using ninjitsu hand signs, and his hands begin to glow with chakra. Tsunade realizes that he uses medical jutsu. He disappears but bursts from underground at Tsunade's feet, nearly missing her. She strikes back, but misses. As she's chasing after him, he flanks her her and taps at her upper arm and thigh. She realizes that he cut her muscles. He comments on the muscles he cut so she can't use her incredible strength now. When she asks why he didn't cut her arteries. He replies that he can't make a chakra scalpel long and delicate enough for that in battle. Still, he can attack the neck and rushes for her. She blocks his attack as he's trying to cut at her neck. He strikes at her chest and she collapses. She has started to lose her breathing and realizes that his medical jutsu exceeds her own in her youth. He lowers his guard, not wanting to kill her; but his arrogance is his undoing as he closes his eyes. Tsunade gets back up to her feet and knocks him down with a single chop to the back of the neck.

Tsunade falls to her knees, and Kabuto realizes he still needs to rough her up a bit more. As he moes to stand he realizes he can't control his body. He tries to move his arm, but his leg moves. With a powerful strike, Tsunade punches Kabtuo a great distance away, but without her full ability. Kabuto can only fumble about as he tries to move his body. The signals to his nerves were scrambled when she chopped at his neck earlier. By transferring chakra into engergy, she sent electrical energy rushing through his nervous system. Though it uses a lot of chakra, Tsunade uses her healing jutsu on herself. As she does that, Kabuto calmly relearns how his body has been effected. Now with 80% of his body relearned, Kabuto pulls out a kunai and moves to strike, but before he can cut her a smoke bomb goes off between them. When it clears, Shizune, Naruto, and Jiraiya are standing between him and Tsunade.

From a distance, Jiraiya is greeted by Orochimaru. Naruto is shocked to see Kabuto here. Before Naruto can learn why he's here, Tsunade shoves Jiraiya aside to case after Kabuto. Once she has him cornered, he pulls out the kunai and there is a slash of blood. Taking advantage of Tsunade's fear of blood, he cut his own hand and covered her in his blood. In shock, Tsunade can only stagger back. He punches her in the face and she makes no move to defend. She flies backward and is caught by Shizune. Naruto is still trying to understand what's going on. Kabuto mocks Naruto as slow and that's why he'll never compare to Sasuke. Jiraiya tells Naruto to look at his forehead protector. He's a member of Orochimaru's Sound Village and a spy, but still Naruto doesn't believe it. Kabuto taught him so much during the Chunin Exams and saved them. Kabuto tells Nartuo that he wanted to gather data on him and the others. What he learned about Naruto is that he has no talent as a ninja.

In the distance, Tsunade is in shock and Shizune tends to her and tries wiping the blood from her face. Angered, Naruto glares at Kabuto as he continues to mock him. Kabto was interested in the Nine-tailed Fox within him, but sees no interest in Naruto's abilities. That with the Sannin around he's more than a zero. Naruto rushes at Kabuto. Jiraiya tries to stop him but can still barely move his body properly. Naruto makes three shadow clones and moves to attack four on one with Kabuto and his injured hand. Even grossly outnumbered, Kabuto easily defeats Naruto and his clones. Shizune catches Naruto and swiftly blows a poisoned needle from her mouth at Kabuto. Though his reflexes have yet to return, she barely misses when they hit his forehead protector.

Kabuto falls back to take another pill that Shizune recognizes as a Plasma Pill. Uses by ninja who have lost blood in emergencies. He asks Orochimaru to take the bandages off of his left arm. Jiraiya is ready to fight and tells Shizune take Kabuto. He plans to fight Orochimaru.

Ending Theme-

"Ryusei (流星)" by Tia

Moves This Episode

CharacterTechnique Name
TsunadeChakra Enhanced Taijutsu
Healing Jutsu
Kabuto YakushiChakra Scalpel
Naruto UzumaiShadow Clone Jutsu
ShiznuePoison Needles

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Masashi Kishimoto Concept Artist He is the creator, writer, and artist, of the successfully popular manga and anime series: NARUTO
Hayato Date Director Hayato Date is the famed anime director who has directed the entire Naruto and Naruto Shippuden anime series.


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