Break Xerxes

Break Xerxes is a anime/manga character in the Pandora Hearts franchise
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Break is a member of the organization known as Pandora. Break has many different personalities which come and go throughout the series, he can be silly and carefree one moment and then evil and sinister the next! He also love sweets and his doll Emily.

Break Xerxes is a member of the group known as Pandora as well as a servant of the Reinsworth Household. He does not seem to age at all much like Sharon Reinsworth in the time the ten year gap that Oz Bezarius is trapped in the Abyss. Break has entered into a legal contract with "Mad Hatter". Break is usually seen with his doll Emily sitting atop his shoulder most times and has a very sweet tooth when seen he is mostly eating cakes or candies. Break is a very laid back, carefree calm type of person but can change his personality completely depending on the situation. He can be viewed as very sinister and evil looking at times. Before Break lost his left eye, he was apparently a very bitter person and never spoke to anyone. His personality began to change after he swore his loyalty to Sharons mother Shelly Reinsworth. Break is without a left eye because the Will of the Abyss had taken it from him, thus the Cheshire Cat is in current possession of Breaks left eye.  In the more recent chapters, Breaks real name is revealed to be Kevin Regnard and that he served to be a knight for the noble Sinclair family until they were all massacred by an unknown enemy. Break (who has named Kevin at the time) blamed himself for allowing such treachery to fall upon the royal family and became an illegal contractor in an effort to change the past. When the clock hand spun around completely and Break was pulled into the Abyss. Once there, he met the Will of the Abyss and a more younger Vincent Nightray. The Will of the Abyss changed the past for Break in exchange to fulfill her wish which has not be explained as of yet. 30 years later, Break was sent to the Reinsworth household. When Break found out about the 'restored' past, it wasn't what he expected at all. Things had not changed much from the time of the Sinclair family massacre. Break holds alot of guilt for everything that has happened to him in the past and wanted to erase the past in hopes that his guilt could be erased as well.
Voiced by
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Akira Ishida
General Information Edit
Name: Break Xerxes
Name: Zãkushĩzu Bureiku
Romanji: ザークシーズ ブレイク
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Pandora Hearts #1
1st anime episode: Pandora Hearts #1
1st anime movie:
Aliases Kevin Regnard
The Red Eyed Ghost
Mr. Hatter
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Attractive Male
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