Brave Police J-Decker

Brave Police J-Decker is an anime series in the Braves Series franchise
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The 5th Anime in the Brave Series.


Best Friends/Partners
Best Friends/Partners

In a world where criminal have access to highly advanced technology, Japanese Police Department comes with Brave Police Project, humanoid robots detectives that are equipped with most advanced A.I to help stop crimes. The original plan was to have them obey every commands but that was changed when the first robot Deckerd meets Yuuta and develops personality, or 'heart'.


Human Character

Yuuta Tomonaga - A boy in his elementary school year, who can be very shy sometimes and cry on trivial things. He met Deckerd during his summer break by falling through air duct where Deckerd was being secretly developed. Ever since then they started developing friendship, creating personality for Deckerd.

Azuki Tomonaga - Eldest daughter of Tomonaga household, does most of housework.

Kurumi Tomonaga - Second daughter of Tomonaga household who is somewhat a tomboy.

Juzo Saejima - Superintendent General of Police Department, who came up with idea of Brave Police Project. He may seen as serious person but can be quite wacky and childish sometimes.

Shunsuke Toudou - Head of engineering department, who is in charge of maintenance of Brave Police robots.

Regina Argine - Brave Police development chief of Scotland Yard. She came to Japan with her partner Duke to investigate a criminal organization.

Masaya Kashiwazaki - One of Tomonaga's neighbor, whom Azuki has crush on. Little that he knew that he would become a host for alien beings.

Seia Onoue - Captain of military force with ranking of colonel. She develops close relationship with McCrane.

Ayako Kimizuka - Freelance writer who became a friend with Dumpson.

Brave Police

J-Decker Team

Deckerd/J-Decker - The very first robot of Brace Police Project, the other robots were based on him. He met Yuuta when he was still in his developing stage, and ended up having his own personality. Combining with J-Roader, a large SWAT van, Deckerd become J-Decker.

Duke/Fire Duke - Brave Police that from Scotland. He can transform into ambulance, and just like Dekerd he can combine with his support vehicle Fire Roader, a large fire truck, to form Fire Duke.

Gun-Max - Robot that was in charge of traffic, riding his Gun Bike to chase down the suspects. His Gun Bike can transform as Gun-Max's armor.

  • J-Decker and Fire Duke can combine to Fire J-Decker, and Gun-Max can combine either with J-Decker or Fire J-Decker to become a cannon.

Build Team

McCrane - Leader of Build Team with strict personality but also a pacifist. He can transform in to a hydraulic crane and have shotgun as his main weapon.

Power Joe - Another member of Build Team with more of relaxed personality who wants to slack off from time to time. Power Joe can transform into power shovel and uses nunchaku as his main weapon.

Dumpson - Member of Build Team who has more strength than anybody else. He can transform into a dump truck and uses spiked dumbbells as his main weapon.

Drillboy - Unlike other members of Build Team, he was created later and became an addition to the team. He has very childish personality and uses soccer ball as his weapon. He can transform into a drill tank which can also fly.

  • The first three members, McCrane, Power Joe, and Dumpson can be combined to Super Build Tiger. With addition of Drillboy, they can become Super Build Tiger. Has Tiger on its chest only because Seajima thinks it looks cool.

Shodow Maru - Stealth member of Brave Police team. He can transform into five different forms including his robot from, canine, jet, police car, and tank. He is based on Sixshot of Transformers series.

Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Shinji Takamatsu
Yasunori Iwasaki
Hiroyuki Kawasaki
Atsuko Ishida
Kunio Okawara
Masami Obari

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General Information Edit
Name Brave Police J-Decker
Name: 勇者警察ジェイデッカー
Romaji: Yuusha Keisatsu J-Decker
Publisher Sunrise Inc.
Start Year 1994
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Aliases Yuusha Keisatsu J-Decker
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