Toto! The Wonderful Adventure #5 - Boy Wonder

is a manga book published by Kodansha that was released on 11/17/2005

Plot Summary

Kakashi used to be a regular kid who dreamed of being a globe trotting explorer like his father. But now Kakashi is on the adventure of a lifetime. He possesses an amazing secret weapon and is on the run from the ruthless gangsters who will do anything to steal it. When he meets clock, the gang's wicked leader, Kakashi's journey takes a turn for the worse. Will this wonderful adventure have a happy ending?

Table Of Contents

Chapter 32: Charge!

Chapter 33: The Lance & The Shield

Chapter 34: The Stuffed Rabbit

Chapter 35: Kakashi & Clock

Chapter 36: Dire Situation

Chapter 37: Aftermath

Chapter 38: The Champion Battle: Those Who Rally

Chapter 39: Those Who Rally & Fight

Chapter 40: Something To Rally To, To Fight For, & To Achieve

Attacks Use

KakashiRemake Car Door: Dog Shield
DorothyShin Kan Sen


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Yuko Osada artist, writer,


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