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Box Weapons is a anime/manga thing
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These tools from the future could be opened by matching their unique flame type in order to release a wide variety of things from weapons to animals, all created by the owners flame.

Explained by Yamamoto in episode#76:

There is something else besides blood running through the human body. Life energy, unseen by the eye, runs through in the form of waves. There are seven kinds of waves. A ring will react of the wave which matches that of the ring. It transforms and refines it into high-density energy (Dying Will Flames).

Explained by Lal in episode#79:

Boxes are devices that alter the function of the flame. Normally, a box will work according to how much energy has been channeled into it. It will stop functioning when the flame runs out. However, there are types that can be re-lit with flames after they've been released. There are also types that power up by absorbing opponent's flames.
When a box cannot be opened, there are two reasons. Either the flame is weak, or the attribute is mismatched. There are seven types of flames emitted by rings, just like the Vongola Rings. They are categorized as Sky, Storm, Sun, Cloud, Mist, Thunder and Rain. The boxes are also categorized into those seven types. If the ring does not match the box's attribute, it will not open.
The waves in the human body are the energy which is necessary for rings to emit a flame. The waves are also categorized into seven types, like the rings and boxes. The power and balance of each person's waves are determined individually at birth. Waves, rings and boxes; unless all three are the same type, the box won't open. Among the attributes, Sky can open any attribute box.

Explained by Bianchi and Lal in episode#88:

The boxes are based off of 343 blueprints left four centuries ago by a biologist named Gepetto Lorenzini, who wondered if weapons could be created from forms in nature. But what was depicted in them was over-technology, weapons that could not be replicated with the technology available at the time. It was an armchair theory that was ignored by everyone for a long time, as would be expected. After Gepetto's death, his blueprints were locked away in his secret organization's storage facility until three inventors came onto the scene. Those were Innocenti, Koenig and Verde - members of that same organization. They determined that Flames emitted by the rings passed through the Mafia would be the very best power sources. They overcame many technological issues and created a prototype in only five years. In addition to the original 343 boxes that mimicked organisms, several new types of boxes were created. The storage boxes, item boxes and weapon boxes were created by them. To gain research capital, they sold boxes to the Mafia at unthinkably low prices. However, two of the three scientists died of unnatural causes. After that, the only survivor, Koenig, went underground. He continues to research boxes and sell the completed ones to weapons dealers in the underworld.

Explained by Hibari in episode#88:

The thing that made the boxes what they are today wasn't Gepetto or great scientists. It was coincidence.
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