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Survivors of the UA virus attack that were left with various mutations as a result of the virus.

Two years ago in a small Chinese village, several people thought they saw stars falling, but what they actually saw was the Ua Virus being spread across the village. An American group moved in shortly after the virus attack, claiming to have the vaccine. However, it turned out to be a ruse, and the injections did not cure them at all but produced side-effects that left a flower-shaped mark somewhere on their bodies. Most of the villagers died, and the survivors were taken to a Facility run by the Snakes to experiment further. The ones that survived this ordeal would later be referred to as Borners.
A Borner has gotten some mutation from the Ua Virus that has given them strange new powers, but also affects their bodies in detrimental ways. For example, Yunyun has the completely useless mutation of having two appendices. Hakkoh can't speak at all, for anyone who hears her voice gets headaches or even brain damage. There's also a guy who has two hearts (though he appears incredibly old as a result) and a boy who can squeeze into small spaces (but can't age naturally). The one thing all Borners share is that they have to take some kind of special medication or the virus will break down their bodies and destroy them anyway, a medication that the Snakes happen to have a lock on.
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