Boris Airay

Boris Airay is a anime/manga character in the Alice in the Country of Hearts franchise
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A character that belongs to the Amusement park territory. He represents the Cheshire Cat and fittingly, has cat ears.


Boris Airay resides in the amusement part, but likes to go out and play with his companions, Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum, and every now and again. Like the Cheshire Cat, Boris can go wherever he wants and often will. When he first meets Alice, he comments that she smells awesome because she's an outsider.



He likes guns and Alice when she yells at him as noted in volume 5. Boris Airay is an easy going character who used to shoot at the soldiers patrolling the Castle of Hearts. This is part of his role in the game, Boris Airay is the nephew of Mary Gowland and his uncle's territory is the amusement park, so Boris's assumed roles are to instigate violence or enforce the border. It's fitting because Boris is pretty territorial as far as cats go.


Alice Liddel

Since Boris gets along with Alice easily, Alice's influence easily changes Boris. Boris does not go out seeking fights with the soldiers at the Castle anymore due to Alice saying that she doesn't want him to get hurt. Boris and his companions, Tweedle Dee and Dum, often spend time with Alice if she goes to the Hatter's Mansion or the Amusement Park.

Boris Airay seems to be harbor feelings for Alice just like Peter White. This appears when Boris takes Alice to the amusement park to take her mind off of Ace's massacre of civilians and disregard for life. At one time, Boris's uncle jokingly says that his sly nephew was taking Alice on a date, and the park inhabitants point out that Boris and Alice look like a couple.

Voiced by
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Noriaki Sugiyama
General Information Edit
Name: Boris Airay
Name: ボリス エレイ
Romanji: Borisu Erei
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Alice in the Country of Hearts #1
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Cheshire Cat
Recent Movies
Alice in the Country of Hearts: Wonderful Wonder World

This is the movie based on the Alice in the Country of Hearts otome games.

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