Death Note #1 - Boredom

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 02/02/2004

Plot Summary

Proper Japanese Title: Taikutsu (退屈)

Viz Edition Release Date: October 10, 2005

Light tests the boundaries of the Death Note's powers as L and the police begin to close in. Luckily Light's father is the head of the Japanese National Police Agency and leaves vital information about the case lying around the house. With access to his father's files, Light can keep one step ahead of the authorities. But who is the strange man following him, and how can Light guard against enemies whose names he doesn't know?


Chapter 1: Boredom

Enter Yagami Light, a 17 year old, intellectual student who is bored out of his mind. It all changes when Light finds the death note, at first, he thought it was some sort of a prank and played for it awhile. At home, he tested for awhile and soon, he realized that this so-called, "Death Note" is real, introducing the rogue shinigami death god, Ryuk. A death note that kills anyone when written upon it, within 40 seconds and can specify the death of that individual. As Light kills a person will these powers from the death note, he's going on the verge on insanity, trying to cleanse this "rotten" world with this fundamental power, he possessed. Weeks passed after these, "incidents" occurred and the authorities were summoned to the G8 Summit for the International Crime Police Organization(Interpol), bickering about these reports, furthermore introducing a new face that will rival Yagami Light in this contest of wits and intellect.

Chapter 2: L

As Yagami Light starts a "killing spree" with the Death Note, the G8 Summit continues to bickering, regarding reports of these deaths. They have no choice but to summon L into this investigation. As L planned ahead before getting into this investigation regarding the deaths and Light. being now known as "Kira"(Killer) as evidence by the numerous amounts of sites, dedicated to him. A special broadcast was aired as this "L"(Lind.L.Tailor), to mobilized every police, nationwide, Light who is arrogant saying he is "righteous" and helping the world of evil, wrote this "L" into his Death Note but soon, arrogance led to embarrassment, when the real "L" reveals himself and the rivalry begins.

Chapter 3: Family

As Light continues with his daily routines of killing and doing normal activities, the International Crime Police Organization, created a regiment for this "Kira" case as led by L, further reports are conducted within weeks of "suicide incidents", increasing. This chapter, introduces Light's father, Soichiro Yagami as well as the investigation regiment for this "Kira" case. Knowing that, they or his family will find the notebook, special procedures are planned by Light.

Chapter 4: Current

While Light prepared special procedures on protecting his identify as well as the Death Note, L identifies that this so-called, "Kira" is just a mere student in high school. Questioning about these sudden "incidents", in prisons and how "Kira" can manipulate a person's death. As assumptions were gained from Light, who thinks that L won't be a threat to him, but rather to the authorities. While Light thinks, L is inferior, some police withdrawn from the "Kira" investigation, disdaining it as they feared by "Kira" and they want no harm to their families. L, then secretly contacted the head of the FBI, as he is suspicious that someone is helping "Kira".

Chapter 5: Eyeballs

After contacting the FBI, suspicious about how "Kira" gets his information, L leads to the Yagami family, specifically Yagami Light. As Light comes back home, Ryuk has a suspicion, that someone is following him. Ryuk also tells Light about Shinigami and how they could live longer through the Death Note. Furthermore, a Shinigami can see, a person's life-span and name at the same time by a glance of their eyes. The owner of that Death Note, can use the shinigami's eyes but at the cost of half of their life-span synced into the shinigami's life-span, and could be at anytime, in which case a shinigami is around.

Chapter 6: Manipulation

Light refused this "power", of obtaining the shinigami's eyes as he wants to reign over this "Utopia", that he will create a world of pacifism. Light then plans, a diversion to lure out the person responsible for following him, this whole time. As he picks out a criminal and manipulate him to do his bidding, in his Death Note. He also manipulate, prisoners into doing what he wrote in the Death Note, and it happened, as Light can access to hack into his father's information. As well as surprised that the last written manipulation was unable to work. Light, then calls his girlfriend, as a diversion to find who is following him.

Chapter 7: Target

As Light arrives to accompany his date, the diversion was set when the person who is following him, a FBI agent into the bus. Suddenly, with all going into Light's plan, the criminal(drug dealer) has arrived and hijacking the bus to hold ransom. The FBI agent behind him(whom was trailing him), ideally gave the ID badge to Light, after Light accused him as the hijacker's accomplice. As Light remembered his name (Raye Penber), he dropped a piece of the Death Note as a trap for the hijacker. As he picked it up, Ryuk (the Shinigami) appears, terrorizing the hijacker and demanded the bus driver to stop the bus, as he leaves, he was impacted by a car and died. Exactly as what Light planned and precisely the time.

Extra: Ryuk's Christmas' wish list

Light who is dressed up as Santa Claus, wishes Ryuk, a Merry Christmas and asks him what he wants for Christmas. At first Light thought it was his soul but hilarity ensues and Ryuk wanted a Gameboy Advanced SP(The Silver Version) and also questions out of curiosity, if shinigamis celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.


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Tsugumi Ohba writer,
Takeshi Obata artist,



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