Boredom, Machines and Wooser

Boredom, Machines and Wooser is an anime episode of Wooser's Hand-to-Mouth Life that was released on 01/29/2013
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Plot Summary

Boredom, Machines and Wooser
RomajiHima to Mashin to Ūsā to
TranslationBoredom, Machines and Wooser
MangaCh. ? (Vol. ?)
Theme Music
Ending"Love Me Gimmie"
by TiA
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Away we go!
Away we go!

Before the opening sequence, Wooser in a reddish-brown suit with a scarf appears and asks himself on why he lives and what he's doing in the place he's at. He closes out with "I must end this. Accelerator!"

Loafing at it's finest.
Loafing at it's finest.

Rin, Wooser, Ajipon and The Animal Whose Name Must Not Be Spoken are all laying down on their couch. Rin exclaims to Wooser that she wants to go out, but Wooser is still in a deep slumber. A bit later, Wooser wakes up and notes that it's still Saturday. He goes back to sleep, but wakes up again later that night only to go back to sleep. On Sunday morning and evening, Wooser wakes up and goes back to sleep again noticing that time has passed and states that the weekend wasn't even that long.

After an intermission, Rin goes through Monday on the couch. Wooser wakes up and tells the fourth wall how much of a pro he is at napping.

Title card for Yellow Beast Killer: Wooser Buster.
Title card for Yellow Beast Killer: Wooser Buster.

In "Yellow Beast Killer: Wooser Buster", A giant Wooser is wrecking the city while demanding for uniforms. Rin notes that he's wrecking the city for no reason and Len exclaims that she's totally saw the scenario before. Mega Wooser detonates some more of the city and causes Len to hatch up a plan. She calls upon three flying machines with her whistle and jumps on one of them. Rin does the same and the machines combine to transform into a giant fighting robot, Wooser Buster. Rin literally skips the explanation like she says and then Wooser Buster charges at Mega Wooser. The footage stops and Wooser narrates that time has run out for the show. The card says "To Be Continued? Possibly."

Points of Interest

  • The opening reference is on the classic anime series, Cyborg 009. Wooser happens to have the same clothing as a main character from that show.
  • This is the second scenario where a form of Wooser is destroying the city for some good reason, as Len indirectly points out.
  • The continuous of "Yellow Beast Killer: Wooser Buster" is in Episode 13, "Panties, Punches and Wooser".

Characters & Voice Actors

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