Gintama #26 - Booze tastes a bit different during the day

is a manga book published by Viz Media that was released on 12/04/2008

Plot Summary

Proper Japanese Title: 昼間に飲む酒は一味違う

Chapter Titles

  • Lesson 219: People who say "I'm really getting angry" are in fact not angry at all. (「マジキレそうだわ」を多用する奴はまずキレない)
  • Lesson 220: It's the supervillain types who have the best smiles (腹黒い奴程 笑顔がキレイ)
  • Lesson 221: There is no night without dawn. (明けない夜はない)
  • Lesson 222: Standing four legged is beastlike, while standing two legged in a show of bravado is man. (四本足で立つのが獣二本足と意地と見栄で立つのが男)
  • Lesson 223: Don't draw confidence from bedtime stories (寝物語は信用するな "Nemonogatari wa shin'yō suruna")
  • Lesson 224: Women who turn tricks are not to be trusted (水商売の女は信するな)
  • Lesson 225: Burning a perm doesn't change it (天然パーマは燃えても変わらない)
  • Lesson 226: Spread your arms wide enough and they'll fade into the distance (手をのばす程に遠くなる)
  • Lesson 227: Various people bring about various bonds (絆の色は十人十色)
  • Lesson 228: Booze tastes a bit different during the day. (昼間に飲む酒は一味違う)


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