Book of Wisdom / Queen of the Night

Book of Wisdom / Queen of the Night is an anime episode of Dantalian no Shoka that was released on 07/30/2011


Part 1 - In Book of Wisdom:

While visiting a local bookstore, Hugh and Dalian are seen bickering with each other. While bickering, they run into Camilla Sauer Keynes, a childhood friend of Huey. Wanting to catch-up with her old friend, Camilla invites both Hugh and Dalian to her villa for some tea. During their tea time, Camilla asks Hugh if he happens to have a Phantom Book that can make children smarter, Surprised with her question, Hugh asks Camilla for the reason. She then tells Hugh that her friend opened a school to compete with the school she's running, and she got a hold of a Phantom Book that made her students smarter. However, the children became too smart for the teacher, and their personalities became totally different.

When Dalian and Hugh went to investigate the schoolhouse in which the children stayed, they found the Phantom Book "The Book of Wisdom". The children have already read it and now know all the secrets of the world. When Hugh asked them what they were going to do with all that knowledge, they told him that they weren't going to do anything. They were too smart to try to "take over the world". Hugh takes the book and burns it, throwing its remains into the river. Camilla then decides not to try to make her students smarter, saying that the dumber kids are more loveable.

Part 2 - The Queen of the Night

Dalian is seen caring for a rare African cactus in the greenhouse of Hugh's grandfather's estate. Dalian tells Hugh that this cactus is said to bloom only one night every thirteen years, and that it may bloom that night. Suddenly, two burglars break into the house and take both Dalian and Hugh hostage. The two robbers were searching for a valuable book called "Queen of the Night". It turns out that the cactus is actually "The Queen of the Night" and when it blooms, its flower takes the form of a book. The flower which is in the form of the book lures in burglars who think that the book is of value. Then, the cactus, which is revealed to be a carnivorous plant, devours the person.

Dalian and Hugh hear screams coming from the greenhouse, and when they get there, they were too late - the cactus has already eaten the two burglars. Dalian then tells Hugh that the cactus' book is said to hold the memories of those it ate. Unfortunately, by the time Dalian and Hugh got there, the book began to wilt and Dalian couldn't read the memories written in it.

Plot Summary

Opening theme:

"Cras numquam scire" (Tomorrow is Never to Know) by Yucca (feat Daisuke Ono)

Closing theme:

"Yes, prisoner" by maRIONnetTe

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