Book of Soul Exchange

Book of Soul Exchange is an anime episode of Dantalian no Shoka that was released on 08/06/2011


Dalian is seen reading a novel titled "Crown of the Dog Days" at the start of the episode. She is then furious with Hugh for only ordering the first two books of the trilogy. Hugh explains to Dalian that the author of the series, Lenny Lents, passed away before finishing the final book of the series. Hugh then tells Dalian that he received a letter from Lenny Lents, asking his grandfather for help, telling him that he is imprisoned by a book.

Dalian and Hugh arrived at Lenny Lents' house and find a woman washing a bloody butcher knife. When they catch her attention, she greets them, telling them that she is Lenny's wife, Paula Lents. Hugh requests to see Lenny, but Paula tells him that Lenny is busy writing the last instalment of the series. She then tells them to return the next day so that he can be prepared for their visit.

Huey and Dalian return that night at investigate the shed next to the house. Dalian and Hugh find the corpse of Lenny Lents and an imprisoned young woman. The woman begs both Dalian and Huey not to set her free and to return the next day to save Lenny.

When Hugh and Dalian return the next day, they find Lenny Lents alive and working on his book. Huey and Dalian assume that there is a Phantom Book associated to Lenny Lents' current situation, and they begin investigating the matter.

Plot Summary

Opening theme:

"Cras numquam scire" (Tomorrow is Never to Know) by Yucca (feat Daisuke Ono)

Closing theme:

"Yes, prisoner" by maRIONnetTe

Characters & Voice Actors

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