Book of Fetus

Book of Fetus is an anime episode of Dantalian no Shoka that was released on 07/23/2011


Estella Libarn, who has recently inherited her late grandfather's estate and book collection, has previously commissioned Hugh's grandfather to determine the value of the books she has inherited. Seeing that his grandfather has passed away, Hugh takes on this job. Both he and Dalian travel to the country to where Estella lives, and they stay at her estate while finishing their job. While at Estella's estate, Hugh and Dalian meet her cousin, who tells them that there were mysterious murders that have been recurring on the estate every time somebody tries to take Estella away. Her cousin then tells them that these murders are due to a cursed book that her grandfather owns. Both Dalian and Hugh are intrigued with the possibility that this cursed book may be a Phantom Book, and so, they begin investigating on the cursed book.

Later that evening, Hugh and Dalian see Estella and her cousin walking together late at night. Soon after that, there was a loud commotion, which lead Hugh and Dalian to investigate. They found a massive golem carrying Estella's cousin's corpse, with Estella staring with a dumbfounded expression.

It is later revealed that the murders were actually an inherited psychological disorder passed on to the women of the Libarn family due to their strict upbringing; hence, Estella Libarn was the murderer. Estella's late grandfather, aware with her disorder, used the Phantom Book "The Book of Fetus" , to summon the golem which hides the bodies of her victims. "The Book of Fetus" was hidden in the clock tower near the estate, and every time the clock would toll, the golem was summoned. Hugh and Dalian destroyed the clock tower, hence, severing the connection between the golem and the Phantom Book. Dalian and Hugh escape the crumbling estate, and Estella decides to remain in the estate with the corpses of her victims.

Plot Summary

Opening theme:

"Cras numquam scire" (Tomorrow is Never to Know) by Yucca (feat Daisuke Ono)

Closing theme:

"Yes, prisoner" by maRIONnetTe

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