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Plot Summary

Chapter 1: Truth and Lies

A boy named Tom Shirasagi is transferring into Japan's prestigious Shishidou Academy, a school where the children of Japan's smartest and richest people study to improve themselves and the least on the surface.
News of this new transfer student spreads around the school. Who is he? What is he like? Why would a public school kid transfer into an elite private school? 
Tom immediately causes a ruckus on his first school day, when he tries to make friends with the headmaster's granddaughter, Mika Shishidou. In an attempt to defend her honor and drive Tom out of the school, a student named Aoto and his friends warn him to stay away. Tom responds by offering to play a game with a 100-yen coin called "Truth and Lies." He gives them 20 cards, and says that they must hide the coin somewhere in the room and write down a possible location on the cards. According to his rules, one of those cards must have the coin's real location, and the rest will be fake locations. On top of that, Tom gives himself only one minute to find the coin's location.
When the cards are down on the table, Tom manages to use a psychological trick to convince the students he has clairvoyant powers, but he simply used their reactions to eliminate the false possibilities until he thought of the one possibility they didn't write down to find the coin.
At the end of the chapter, Tom reveals part of his plan to his new dormmate: he plans to dominate the school with his master gambling skills, by doubling that 100-yen coin and using it in a series of games until he reaches ten billion yen.

Chapter 2: Two-Up

After Aoto's defeat, the muscle-bound gym teacher decides to challenge Tom to a simple game of "Two-up." Essentially, the game works by guessing whether a coin will land on the "heads" or "tails" side, and the best out of five rounds wins the game. The stakes are much higher this time: If Tom wins, then the gym teacher will fork over 300,000 yen. If Tom loses, then he will drop out of the school forever.
Tom decides to add a little twist to the game: First he brings in Mika to act as an impartial coin-flipper. Then, with a normal deck of cards, he makes a rule that a "court" card (or "face" card) will signal a bet that the coin landed on heads, while a "number" card signals a bet on tails.
The PE teacher has "kinetic vision" from his skill playing ping-pong, and is able to follow the movements of the coin very well. However, Tom promises that he will lose on the fifth card, and uses another psychological trick to catch him off-guard. When the cards are put down on the table, Tom appears to have been correct as he wins the match 5-4.
However, before he can celebrate his victory, a weird, goblinlike man with a cane appears at the door, claiming he saw exactly how Tom really won.

Chapter 3: The Three Truths

The goblinlike man is named Abidani, the sadistic Dean of the dormitory. He reveals that Tom used the "one-ahead" system to fake out the gym teacher and win the game.
Essentially, Tom threw away his first card and put down the cards that indicated the correct answer for the coin flip from the round before the present one. When the final coin flip came up, he subtly shuffled his entire row down one space and moved his "burned" face card to the end of the row, which turned out to be the correct answer. 
The gym teacher accuses Tom of cheating and demands a rematch, though Tom denies it. Abidani ends up dragging the gym teacher to his "Reflection Room" while complementing Tom on his impressive gambling skills. 
As Tom prepares for the next day, Abidani is whipping both losers from the last two chapters in his "Reflection Room," while speaking to the magician he plans to sic on Tom very soon.

Chapter 4: Decoy

As Tom walks through the school the next day, he discovers that he has admirers, including one big fangirl. Her name is Natsumi Kimura, she's a first-year student, and she unilaterally decides to become Tom's manager.
In order to prove her worth to Tom, she challenges his friend, "mushroom-head" Mizuhara, to a classic game of Old Maid. She shows the boy a Joker and a Queen, shuffles them under the table, and bets that if he loses, she will become Tom's manager. 
After beating Mizuhara easily, Tom decides to take her challenge as well. So the girl shuffles the two cards underneath the desk and tell Tom to choose one. Tom decides to burn one of the cards with a lighter, saying that both cards were Jokers and that he will even bet a few thousand yen on the assumption that the unburned card will be a Joker. Several observing classmates get in on the bet as well.
Kimura gets scared, but at the last second another girl leans over her shoulder and turns the card over, revealing a Queen. As Kimura collects her unexpected winnings, Tom knows that the mysterious girl who turned the card must have switched the cards. But who could she be?

Chapter 5: Magician

As Tom returns to his desk the next day, he finds his desk defaced with words calling him a loser. Mizuhara reveals that both girls in that Old Maid game were roommates: Natsumi Kimura and Yuka Tsukiyono. Natsumi emerges to reveal that she was set up by her roommate, and even offers to return the money she won from him. She also carries a letter from her, stating that Yuka wishes to challenge Tom in another gambling challenge.
Elsewhere, Abidani hands over a stack of yen and offers to buy Yuka whatever she needs to beat Tom at his own game. Yuka strips to reveal that she has nothing to hide (literally and figuratively), shows off several of her magician card-shuffling tricks, and then reveals the card game she's chosen to fight him in: Black Jack.

Chapter 6: Light and Darkness

As Tom gets ready for the big challenge that night, he hands Mizuhara a heavy bag and tells him not to use it until he needs it. Natsumi also shows up in a cheerleader outfit, preparing to cheer Tom on along with the rest of the dorm. 
Tom enters the room as Yuka stands ready in a dealer's outfit, welcoming him to "The Witch's Mansion." Abidani is also there to be an "impartial" referee, stating the rules of Black Jack and then adding that if Tom wins, he'll have six hundred thousand yen. However, if Tom loses, he will be banished from the academy for good.
However, Tom notices that there's no "dealer's shoe" on the table, meaning that Yuka will shuffle and deal the cards by hand. This means Yuka will have the advantage, as she can use her magician's tricks to control which cards are dealt without appearing to cheat at all.
Just to psyche him out, as Yuka deals the cards, she reveals that she somehow managed to switch in an entire deck full of Ace of Spades, but calls it a "defective" deck. No one can prove she cheated and Abidani gladly allows her to switch for a fresh deck. Even so, Tom is unfazed, saying that while her magician's tricks represent the "light," his gambling skills reveal the "darkness."


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