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Chapter 01 Imitation Rider Black X 07
Hiroshi Tachikawa was kidnapped and remodeled in to one of the many Black Dummy`s made by  the Gorgom Empire to assassinate Kamen Rider Black. But he escaped just before the Brainwashing procedure and whilst knowing that several of Gorgom`s Kaiju`s are hunting him down he still wants to get back in his old biker gang (whom nicknamed him Bro or rather Bro Tachikawa) and life the live he had before the remodeling happened. But sadly the Kaiju caught up to them and killed most of his gang, totally distraught of this Hiroshi goes into hiding away from his problems at a bar. The last surviving member of his gang nicknamed Sub (who is barely alive) comes into the bar and asks him to take revenge for the death of his friends. Which he refuses only to find out he has no choice because the Gorgom Agents where already waiting in the back of the bar. Hiroshi gives his fullest in battle but he doesn't stand a chance against Gorgom`s Rhino Kaiju. Luckily for him Kotaro Minami arrives to transform into the real Kamen Rider Black and easily defeats all the Kaiju. After Sub takes his last breath Hiroshi tells Kotaro that there is a Gorgom training camp in the mountains and asks if he will destroy it. In the end wanting to take revenge for Sub and his other buddies 07 joins Black and so the newest double Rider team rides of to bring justice to the Gorgom Empire.


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Shotaro Ishinomori editor, other, production, writer,


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