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A restaurant chain that hires women with large mammaries that Dandy and Meow like to go hang out at.


BooBies is a famous chain of "breastaurants" in the Space☆Dandy anime series. Busty women of various intergalactic species including humans are hired as waitresses. BooBies is similar (and likely based on) the real life Hooters chain of restaurants.


Honey (ハニー Hanī)
Voiced by: Yurin Alexis Tipton
Job: Waitress
Race: Human Gender: Female
A blonde haired waitress who often serves Dandy when he visits. She seems quite fond of him.


There are several different uniforms worn by waitresses and bartenders.

Bartender Uniform

A humanoid female bartender uniform is seen briefly from above the waist in the first episode. It appears to be similar to a corset, the top half is black and the bottom half is white. A yellow bow tie is worn around the neck.

Waitress Uniform 1

Honey, wearing a BooBies waitress uniform
Honey, wearing a BooBies waitress uniform

Most waitresses wear skimpy pink and white outfits resembling a sports bra and hot pants, but visually designed to look more like a bikini, to increase sex appeal. The top is tied at the front in the middle, and the bottom features a heart shaped hole on the back. The uniform is skin-tight, and designed to increase the Gainax Bounce factor.

Waitress Uniform 2

This uniform looks similar to the real life Hooters uniforms. It is white and orange, with purple highlights. "Boobies" is written in orange letters across the front of the top.

Waitress Uniform 3

Available in at least two color schemes, this uniform is comprised of a tight top and shorts, as well as a black cross-shaped piece worn over the shorts.


Below are the known BooBies menu items.

Note: some items are named differently in the original Japanese script, these names are written in brackets.


  • Crispy Fried Dragon (Fried Dragon) - A small, partially battered dragon, served on what appears to be a bed of lettuce with battered worms.


  • Pleiades Parfait (Space Parfait)
  • Solar Flare Dessert Sampler Platter (Space Anmitsu Sampler)


  • Gilgamesh Tequila - A green drink that comes in a skull-shaped glass. Those who order it receive an "I love BooBies" sticker.
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Location Name BooBies
Japanese Name:
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1st anime episode: Space☆Dandy #1
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