Bonds is an anime episode of Btooom! that was released on 12/20/2012

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Plot Summary

Akiho and Yuzuhiko
Akiho and Yuzuhiko

In a dream, Taira marches through the fog looking for Ryota. He hallucinates a bit when multiple personas tell him different things. Then, Taira wakes up to hear someone, a young boy calling daddy. Taira walks outside and sees his son, Yuzuhiko. He falls off the ladder where Yuzuhiko asks him why he could not come home earlier. Taira tries to reassure him, and his wife, Akiho, appears. Akiho asks Taira how many chips he has, and Taira thinks about the three chips that Ryota has in addition to Ryota and Himiko's chips. He tells his illusions that he will come home.

Ryota and Himiko's virtual wedding
Ryota and Himiko's virtual wedding

As Ryota and Himiko trek through the fog, Ryota tells her to walk quickly before the komodo dragons wake up. As Ryota climbs the ladder, Taira locks on Ryota with his Homing BIM. As Ryota lures the BIM away, he hits it with a metal pole. A second one flies by, and Ryota hits it. Though, it still detonates on the ground that injures Ryota's leg. Himiko cries out and begs Taira to stop. She recalls Murasaki's words and thinks Taira is betraying them. Ryota uses his radar to find Taira, and as he recalls Taira who fear being alone, he wonders if he did the same thing like his father. In his past, he notes his father was too busy while his mother divorced him, and remarried another man without hesitation. Then, Oda appears as a figment of his imagination, and he remarks that Ryota is running away from reality. Ryota urges Himiko to run away. As Himiko prepares to confront the Homing BIM, she grabs it and disarms it. She realizes that she can disarm the BIM because it only detonates within range of its target. Ryota makes a connection with Himiko when he realized she is the same one he married in Btooom.

Taira commits suicide
Taira commits suicide

From a forest nearby, Taira locks on Himiko. Ryota feels something is wrong and realizes that Taira is targeting Himiko. He successively disarms the BIM. Ryota uses his radar to find Taira who is making a run for it. Taira fears that Ryota will kill him, and Ryota begs Taira to come back. Taira stumbles and falls down the hill. He opens his BIM belt only to find one BIM left. Ryota yells out that he wants to go home with Taira and begging for a chance to apologize to Taira for leaving him. Taira finds himself surrounded by komodo dragons, and he thinks this is karma, his punishment. Thinking to himself, he apologizes to Himiko, Ryota, Akiho, and Yuzuhiko. Taira locks on himself, and both Ryota and Himiko hear the explosion. Moments later, Ryota yells out to Taira in agony.

Later that night, Ryota states that Taira was a normal person who got scared because they abandoned him. Taira's heart breaks because Ryota feels it's his fault for making Taira fall into despair. When Himiko asks Ryota if he wants to go home, Ryota answers yes, and Himiko reveals the chips including her chip. She tells him to kill her since she believes she has nowhere to go. Ryota refuses to do that, and he tells her that he will never abandon her ever. Ryota holds out his hand after pointing out that Himiko is his Himiko in Btooom. The two hold hands and lock lips with teary eyes. Ryota has Himiko lie flat on the sofa, and Himiko closes her eyes. Ryota notices that Himiko is scared due to her horrible incidents with other men. When Oda appear in Ryota's mind, Ryota tells Oda that he is not like him. He blames himself for caring only for himself and causing others to suffer. With Oda gone, Ryota apologizes to Himiko and explains that they can be a couple back at home. Overjoyed at Ryota's words, Himiko embraces Ryota. Meanwhile in Japan, Gemu tells Tsuneaki and one man to hurry back to the island to fix the computers before the clients find out.

Points of Interest

  • The 2nd opening song has a compilation of scenes from the first season played.
  • Cameos: Akiho and Yuzuhiko only appear as illusions or figments of imagination in Ryota and Taira's mind, respectively. Miho only appeared in Himiko's flashback.
  • During the credits, Date, Shiki, Kira, Hidemi, and Oda are seen somewhere in the island.

Manga & Anime Differences

  • Taira's flashbacks of his family and scenes of his son fighting back thugs at home are omitted from this episode.
  • Ryota's flashback is trimmed down, and the anime exclude the beach scene.
  • Like the last episode, the anime skips the part where Ryota and Himiko inform Taira about their next step to find the IC chips from the deceased players.
  • The manga has komodo dragons eating Taira's dead body.
  • The manga shows the graphic rape scenes in Himiko's past.
  • The manga includes Aiko in Ryota's flashbacks.


  • Japanese Name:
  • Manga Chapter: 46 (pg. 53) - 50
  • Opening Theme: 「エグジスト」 (Exist) by ナノ (nano)
  • Closing Theme: "No Pain, No Game" by Nano

Characters & Voice Actors

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Junya Inoue Original Concept Manga Artist
Yoshiaki Kawajiri Storyboard Director.


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