Bonds of Holy Water

Bonds of Holy Water is an anime episode of Aesthetica of a Rogue Hero that was released on 07/13/2012
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Akatsuki and Miu attend their first day of school at BABEL. While Miu tries to fit in with her new environment, Akatsuki manages to get on everyone's bad side.
— FUNimation

Plot Summary

That night, Myuu looks at Akatsuki's photo of him and his little sister, and she remembers her father's last words. Myuu sheds tears as she mourns over her father's death. She sneaks in Akatsuki's room and is about to kill Akatsuki with her magic. Yet, she remembers some good stuff about Akatsuki and stops. Suddenly, Akatsuki grabs Myuu's hand and throws on the bed. He tries to kiss Myuu and asks Myuu for her name and strips Myuu of her clothes. Myuu yells out she is his little sister, and Akatsuki tells Myuu that his sister is long dead. Myuu hits Akatsuki with an alarm clock to stop Akatsuki from fondling her breasts.

Akatsuki reveals Nanase's stolen panties
Akatsuki reveals Nanase's stolen panties

The next day at school, Akatsuki and Myuu arrive to school with everyone staring at them. In class, Chikage tells Myuu and Akatsuki that they are the talk of the school since Myuu had remarkable magical abilities while Akatsuki took on Kyouya with his bare hands. Onizuka (red haired man) yells at Akatsuki for taking his seat. Before he could teach Akatsuki a lesson, Akatsuki throws Onizuka out of class and pins him against the wall. Myuu tells Akatsuki to stop, and a group arrives to take Akatsuki to the student council room. Nanase enters the room only to find Akatsuki sitting in Kyouya's seat. Kyouya enters the room, and Akatsuki jumps out to attack Kyouya. Nanase tries to fend him off, Ryouhei fires at him, and Minami strikes him with her stone fist. Though, all of their attacks are useless against Akatsuki. Kyouya states that he was not the one who called him, and Nanase tells him that she called him for causing trouble. She warns him not to repeat those violations. Outside, Kuzuha arrives to take Akatsuki to class due to being class representative. In an elevator, Akatsuki learns more about Kuzuha and how she skip grades. He tells Kuzuha that he started a spark. Outside, Nanase arrives, and she is angry that Akatsuki has stolen her panties.

The girls wet themselves
The girls wet themselves

As Nanase strikes Akatsuki, Akatsuki reveals he has stolen her bra, and Nanase covers her exposed chest. During P.E., Kuzuha leads Akatsuki and Myuu to Chikage who is fondling and kissing a female student. The girl runs out of the storage and locks the door by accident. Kuzuha tells Akatsuki not to break down the door and that they have to wait. As time goes on, Kuzuha tries to hold in to avoid urinating herself. Myuu suggests that someone use earth magic to create a toilet, and Chikage states that they hold her ears. Kuzuha cries, and Akatsuki wakes up to help Kuzuha. He instructs Myuu and Chikage to stand by Kuzuha's sides, and Akasuki thrusts his finger lightly into the abdomen of the two girls. Myuu and Chikage receives a shock, and Akatsuki explains that he can control people's organs with manipulation on chi or ki. Akatsuki proceeds to bite Kuzuha's ear, and when Kuzuha wets herself, Chikage and Myuu wet themselves at the same time. Nanase opens the door, and after the girls run out, she finds Akatsuki all beaten up. In the shower room, Chikage tells Kuzuha and Myuu to team up to get back at Akatsuki. Myuu realizes that Akatsuki made himself the bad guy, so Myuu can have friends.

Points of Interest

  • Akatsuki cannot use magic, so he has an ability called Renkan Keikikou where he can manipulate one's organs or insides using ki energy.


  • Japanese Name: "seisui no kizuna" (聖水の絆)
  • Opening Theme: "Realization" by Faylan
  • Ending Theme: "Ai no Sei de Nemurenai" by Aki Misatoi

Characters & Voice Actors

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Tetsuto Uesu Original Concept Tetsuto Uesu is the original creator of Hagure Yuusha no Estetica Light Novel.
Hiroshi Tsukada Character Artist/Designer Hiroshi Tsukada is the illustrator of Hagure Yusha no Estetica characters.
Rion Kujo Director


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