Bond is an anime episode of Togainu no Chi that was released on 12/02/2010

 The fight
 The fight

Keisuke and Akira finally meet again, and Akira tells Keisuke how much he missed him. Keisuke pulled out a massive amount of tags from his pocket, saying he’s gotten stronger, and that this was how Akira wanted him to be. Keisuke attacks Akira, screaming at Akira to show his ‘agonized and dying face’. Akira draws his knife in defence, and is able to block Keisuke’s next attack. Akira tells Keisuke how he really feels, and tells Keisuke he never hated him. Keisuke replies saying that he was just like Akira’s pet, but Akira denies it.


Keisuke pulls out a vial of Line and is about to take it, when Akira jumps on him, and saying that it was never like Keisuke to do something like that. Akira yells and Keisuke saying that he was taking their friendship for

 Akira's hand is cut
 Akira's hand is cut

granted, and he really did care. But Keisuke throws him to the ground, saying that it’s all lies, but Akira continues to convince Keisuke to leave Toshima with him. Keisuke attacks Akira, and throws him through the wall of a warehouse, and begins to viciously beat him. Keisuke screams and tells Akira that he only wants him to

be in pain. The two lock knives, and Akira’s hand is cut open. Blood spews everywhere and into Keisuke’s mouth. Suddenly Keisuke rejects the blood, and begins to suffocate. He then falls to the ground, motionless. Akira realizes that it was his fault and begins to cry and scream.


Akira has a flashback to the time when Akira and Keisuke finally were adopted. Akira remarks on how fake his family felt, and how he was abused. Akira leaves his foster home, and Keisuke chases after him. Keisuke asks Akira if there is anything he can do to help, but Akira is cold, and barely speaks, leaving Keisuke hurt and alone. But Akira then realizes that Keisuke and his friendship was the only ‘real’ thing he had.


Akira checks Keisuke’s pulse, and realizes that Keisuke is still alive. Akira carries Keisuke to an abandoned house, and lays him down on the bed. Keisuke begins to thrash about, screaming from Line. Akira holds him down, and tells Keisuke to fight the urge.


 Keisuke's dream
 Keisuke's dream

While Keisuke is unconscious he dreams of everything wrong he did, such as the massacre in the neutral zone, and killing Takeru. He falls through the bloodstained floor, but suddenly Akira grabs his hand, and he wakes up, no longer crazed and addicted to Line.


 Rin take Keisuke hostage
 Rin take Keisuke hostage

The two get up to leave and find Motomi, when suddenly Rin bursts through the door and screams at Akira to hand over his tags, in order for him to fight Il Re. Rin draws his knife, and takes Keisuke hostage. Akira gives his and Keisuke’s tags to Rin, and Rin lets Keisuke go. Rin runs off to challenge Il Re, and Keisuke tells Akira to follow him while Keisuke goes to meet Motomi.


Rin goes to Arbitro and hands him the tags. Arbitro approves the tags, and Rin heads off to The Coliseum to fight Il Re. 

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