Bolin is a anime/manga character in the Avatar franchise
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Bolin is the brother of Mako and earthbender for the pro-bending team the Fire Ferrets.


Mako and Bolin always have each others backs
Mako and Bolin always have each others backs

Bolin was born a few years after his brother Mako in Republic City. Living a simple life, tradegy struck early as a fire bender mugged his parents, killing them and leaving them as orphans. Growing up under the care of his older brother, the two stuck together and eventually entered the gang the Triple Threat Triads. Well Mako ran as a book keeper, he did work as the muscle for the gang, using his earth bending to help out where he could. Mako eventually decided that this wasn't the life to live with his brother as they quietly left the gang and entered the sport of pro-bending with a water bender to form the Fire Ferrets. Soon after, Bolin and Mako moved into a spare room in the attic of the Bending Arena, their new home on the coast of Republic City.


Bolin was created by Bryan Konietzko and Michael Dante DiMartino for the new series in the Avatar franchise: The Legend of Korra. Serving as a comic relief character, Bolin's purpose in the series and his relationship to his brother Mako show that there can be peace between benders of different races. He makes his first appearance in Episode 2: A Leaf in the Wind and is voiced by P.J. Byrne.

Character Evolution

Bolin usually acts like a joker as he rarely takes anything seriously. He is the first one to make fun of a situation or point out the obvious to someone who doesn't need it spelled out for them. Other times, he impulsively acts without thinking how the consequences might play out for him. However, despite his occasional hardheadedness, he is shown to be a compitent fighter in the pro-bending arena as well as a good friend as he knows who to thank and who to be close with. Even when he gets mad, Bolin is quick to forgive something and willing to do the right thing.

Major Story Arcs

Welcome to Republic City

Bolin realizes who Korra is
Bolin realizes who Korra is

When Avatar Korra first arrives in Republic City, she is smitten with the idea of seeing a live pro-bending match much to the chagrin of Tenzin who considers it to be a mockery of bending. Sneaking in one night, Korra stumbles across the gym as a trainer wants to throw her out. Instead, Bolin arrives and vouches for her as he takes her to his team's pit. Introducing himself, Korra knows of him and his team the Fire Ferrets as she also meets his brother Mako. Watching the group play an intense match, she congradulates them as the two realize that Korra is the Avatar. After hanging out, they invite her back the next night where their waterbending teammate has bailed. Bolin suggests she take his place as Mako reluctantly agrees before seeing Korra has what it takes to be in the team.

When they win their qualification match for the Bending Tournament, they are told to raise 30,000 yuons for an entry fee. Bolin tries to earn money on the streets performing tricks with his ferret Pabu but to no luck. His old acquantince Shady Shin from the Triple Threat Triads throws down a lump of cash as he requests Bolin to rejoin the gang. Mako and Korra find out, worried about him, as they see him and others being kidnapped by Equalists. Discovering their location for a secret meeting, they witness Amon tell his life story and show is power of energybending. Korra is able to cause a distraction for Mako to get Bolin out of there as they fight with the Lieutenant and his electric attacks. Korra and Naga are able to rescue the two as they flee into the night.

Rise of the Equalists

After the Revelation, Bolin and his team work on training for the championship matches. During this time, Mako begins to date Asami Sato as Tarrlok attempts to recruit Korra for his task force. Bolin thanks Korra for saving him the previous night as he tries to make advances on her, wanting to date her. She rebuffs him subtly as the whole group is invited to a gala thrown by Tarrlok in Korra's honor. Bolin gleefully announces how Hiroshi Sato will sponsor the group in their championship match. Bolin confesses to Mako that he wants to date Korra but his brother advises him against it. After winning the first match, he goes through with asking Korra out on a date as friends since Mako rejected her. Showing up the champion Tahno, the two enjoy an evening out as they make plans for the following evening. Witnessing Korra and Mako kiss, Bolin gets hammered before being dragged back to the arena but makes up with the others.

When Amon threatens the championship match, Bolin goes with Korra to City Hall to plead with the councilors to keep the games open. Backed up by Lin Bei Fong, the game goes on but they lose since the Wolfbats paid the referees to allow them to cheat. However, after the match, Amon and the Equalists strike as the Lieutenant knocks out the Fire Ferrets. Bolin is able to free Korra as she and Lin go after them, they are able to push back a bit. Since the attack took place at the Arena, the brothers are evicted since it suffered major damages. Korra invites the two to live with her on Air Temple Island but Bolin announces gleefully that Asami has permitted them to move in with her at her estate. Korra visits them, seeing how much Bolin is enjoying a life of luxury as she overhears Hiroshi talking about Equalist plans. Bolin is as shocked as the rest of them to discover Hiroshi's secret factory under his home. Knowing they'll need help, the brothers subdue a guard as they find that the metalbending police, Lin, Korra, and Tenzin have been subdued. Attempting a resue of the key figures, Hiroshi and the Lieutenant stop them before Asami aids their escape.

War of Republic City

Bolin moves in with his brother and Asami to Air Temple Island as Lin resigns as Chief of Police. Korra becomes despondent as she feels she's not doing her duties right as the group forms the new Team Avatar. Working together, they are able to stop several Equalist raids before Tarrlok tries to arrest innocent civilians for being Equalists. Taking a stand against the corruption, Bolin, Mako, and Asami are imprisoned in order to blackmail Korra into joining the task force. When news of Korra's disappearance hits the air, Lin frees the group, informing them of what happened. Going to Tenzin for help, he agrees to search for Korra as Bolin remembers when he was kidnapped, he was taken underground. During their search, he lets it slip to Asami about the kiss between Korra and Mako.

After freeing captured police, the group goes back to City Hall as they deduce that Tarrlok was behind everything. Escaping, Korra manages to turn up that evening as she relates all that happened between her, Tarrlok, and Amon. The respite ends quickly as the Equalists begin an assault on the city. He is able to help stop the Equalists from taking Tenzin and ceases the raid on Air Temple Island. Knowing they are outnumbers, Tenzin urges the group to go into hiding until the United Forces arrive in three days to take back the city.


As an earthbender, Bolin has shown his skills as a fighter both inside the pro-bending ring and outside of it. Mainly using projectile attacks, his training in the past as a gang enforcer has given him more strength than his brother in that regards. His stubborness and strong nature allow him to easily manipulate the earth around him. However, he has not shown any skills in the art of metalbending, a branch of earthbending taught to the police of Republic City.

Voiced by
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P.J. Byrne
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Name: Bolin
Gender: Male
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1st anime episode: The Legend of Korra #2
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