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Bokurano is an anime series in the Bokurano franchise
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A mecha drama that digs deep into the value of human life. Reviewed by Dream on June 23, 2010. Dream has written 157 reviews. His/her last review was for Parasyte -the maxim-. 317 out of 332 users recommend his reviews. 7 out of 8 users found this review helpful.
Bokurano's pretty powerful stuff. Focused around fifteen children who are tricked into signing a contract where they sacrifice their very lives to pilot a mecha to save the world, Bokurano is greatly focused around valuing one's life and how dire circumstances affect the mentalities of the people who face them. What starts off as a typical mecha title quickly delves into a moral focus on preservation of one's life over another and how influential figures try to make use of a powerful weapon for their personal gains. Each child chosen to pilot the mecha next is given plenty of depth and background over their mentalities on living and appreciating others around them which affect their resolve and actions with piloting the mecha known as Zearth. The personalities and backgrounds of the children are quite diverse from being influential figures to those struggling on their own, having good or bad family relations. There's just enough you can connect with from any of the children piloting Zearth. In addition, more details on the mecha battles fought by the kids are slowly unveiled where they realize that there's a bigger influence and a more chilling reality to the battles than they realize. With these details, powerful figures in the political and economic world try to exploit fears and concerns over the battles for both good and bad reasons, showing concern for people around them or thinking of the sacrifices being a necessity for personal gain which adds some political commentary on the corruption of powerful corporations having influence over political issues.

On the visual side, scenery and backgrounds were vast with plenty of rich color and detail. The CG-mecha designs were decent, though they stuck out from the city landscapes they fought in yet movement from them in battle scenes were fluid enough. As for the soundtrack, Bokurano makes use of piano and stringed instruments for its insert music which do a good job at establishing the tense and dramatic mood of the scenes seen throughout the series. The OP sequence "Uninstall" was what had brought me into seeing the show with the music being somber and the lyrics painting enough of a tense focus on the significance of living.

Having a powerful soundtrack and focus on humanity's varying response to life-and-death situations, Bokurano's perhaps one of the best unlicensed titles I've had the opportunity of watching. If any American licensor manages to pick this series up for licensing, I'd be willing to buy it in a heartbeat. 
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