Bokura ga Ita

Bokura ga Ita is an anime series in the Bokura ga Ita franchise
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The anime where two high school students Nana and Moto fall in love. In their tale Nana tries to break through to Moto to show him the past of his x-girlfreind wasn't his fault. While Moto prooves himself and no one else is worthy of her love.


We Were There ( 僕等がいた Bokura ga Ita ) is a Japanese romance manga by Yuki Obata, about the dramatic school life of a girl, Nanami Takahashi. It has been made into Shojo since 2002. Bokura ga ita was published in June 2009. The anime was released in the English language by Viz Video. It's 28 episodes were aired from July 3 to December 25, 2006. It won the Shogakukan Manga Award for Shojo in 2005.


This is the anime about Nanami "Nana" Takahashi joining her first year in high school. At first she gets along well with the other students and her grades could always need improving. Until she becomes the punch line to Motoharu "Moto" Yanos jokes in class. At first Nana has only heard of Yano through roaming rumors and his popular romance. A good two thirds of the old school was head over heals for Yano's good looks. And his popularity never ceases to tell his true side. Nanami falls in love with Yano but refuses to show it. As Yano grows a fondness for her. A year ago Yano had a relationship with Nana a x-girlfriend. When Yano found his feelings about Nanami and his x-girlfriend confusing there love drifts away. As there love grows, though they are not aware of it relationships seem to multiply.

Masafumi "Take" Takeuchi Yano's close freind starts to take a fondness to Nanami as well. But because of his warm heart and gentle feelings he slowly lets Nanami go and gives her up to Yano's pure heart. As Nanami starts to investigate Yano's past Yuri Yamamoto turns up. She was the younger sister of Nana. Now that Nana died in a accident.

As the feelings between Yano and Nana are still fresh Yano takes a liking to Yuri. That day Yano spends the night in her room.

Nanami is disturbed by the thought that Yano should belong to anyone but her. But at the same time she helps Yano get over his feelings of his x-girlfriends past. Together they unite against these obatacles.

But just as everything starts to fall in place a new problem a rises that is not that easy to solve. Nanami's marks seem to keep on getting the better of her. But Yano is a straight A student being invited to the university in Tokyo. Not to mention his mom got a job offer there too.

Yano chooses to go to Tokyo while Nanami has to stay and work on her marks to try to get to the same school has him. But she doesn't give up she continues to work hard and wait for Yano till they meet again. He leaves her in the arms of Take but Yano has a feeling that these relationships and feelings will last forever as he goes off to Tokyo.


Nanami "Nana" Takahashi (高橋 七美, Takahashi Nanami),-She is our main character in this story. she is ordinary girl in a new chool having a hard time like any other new student. She makes friends very quickly even with her slight sense of clumsiness. Every thing is fine and peachy until Motoharu Yano comes into her life. it's a very typical love story he is the bad boy and at first she hates him, but the more time she spends with the more Nana realises how great they are together.

Though things don't come to end at first Yano has always had problems with love and never got it right.So this new pace for him is making it rather difficult. Not to mention his new girlfriend Nana remins him of his recently deceased girlfriend. Yano has a hard time revealing his tough past at first but slowly there relationship grows to overcome even the toughest of obstacles "distance".

Motoharu "Moto" Yano (矢野 元晴, Yano Motoharu) is the popular high scool boy. In his middle school almost 1/2 of the student body fell for him. He is great in sports and he has the looks and the charm. but like any other human being he has his own griefs. About a year ago his girlfriend died in a car accident with her x-boyfriend ever since then he hasn't even visted her grave. But at the same time he is very stubborn, has his guard up and doesn't put it down for any one even his new girlfriend Nana. Unlike his recent girlfriend she is kind and understands Yano, even though at times he doesn't trust her he can can always know she will wait.


Artist: Katou Idzumi & Sasaki Nozomi & Asou KahoriStreet

Release Date: October 25, 2006



1. Suki Dakara

2. Futari no Kisetsu ga

3. Koko ni Ite (Bokura ga Ita ver.)

4. Suki Dakara (Instrumental)

5. Futari no Kisetsu ga (Instrumental)

6. Koko ni Ite (Bokura ga Ita ver. Instrumental)

Cast and Voice actors

Column HeadColumn Hea
Takahashi, Nanami
Sasaki, Nozomi

Song, Do Yeong
Yano, Motoharu
Yazaki, Hiroshi

Eom, Sang hyeon
Takeuchi, Masafumi
Kawakubo, Takuji

Pyo, Yeong Jae
Yamamoto, Yuri
Nakayama, Erina

Han, Chea Eun


Series Credits
Person Name Episode Count
Akemi Hayashi

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Name Bokura ga Ita
Name: 僕等がいた
Romaji: Bokura ga Ita
Publisher Shogakukan
Start Year 2006
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Aliases We were there
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