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Bokken is a anime/manga thing
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One who disobeys or breaks rules or laws, often used to describe younger individuals such as high schoolers who cause trouble.


Kendo translates to "Way of the Sword". It is a sword competition using bamboo swords called a shinai. It is a popular martial arts practice in Japan.

Motoko Aoyama's Fan Club

These are the three girls who admire Motoko Aoyama and formed her fan club.


Yoh and Ryu uses the Bokken for oversoul and integration. (hyoui gattai)

Six Knights

A force that consists of six captains from school clubs and sports teams who have extraordinary fighting experience. They ensure that the rules of Saint Ishiyama Academy are upheld by the students, especially Oga and the other Ishiyama High students.


A common theme in many mangas and animes.


A female delinquent character, equivalent to bancho - it's male counterpart. Generally means Boss Girl, a gang-leader type.

Team Funbari Hot Springs

A manga exclusive team (in Shaman King) whose leader is Yoh Asakura and his teammates are Bokuto no Ryu and Faust the VIII.

Team Takashi

Team Takashi are a group of students from Fujimi High School who survived the outbreak to search for their families.

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