Bogie Woods

Bogie Woods is a anime/manga character in the Toriko franchise
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Bogie is the 5th Branch Chief of the Gourmet Corps, who specilize in Food Preparation.


Nothing is currently known about Bogie Woods' origins other than at some point in time he joined the Bishokukai and became recognized enough to be the Fifth Branch Head.


Bogie Woods is a secondary antagonist created by Shimabukuro Mitsutoshi for the series Toriko.


Bogie Woods is a young looking man of fair height with an athletic build. He has blonde hair and fang-like teeth.


Tommyrod: Like Barrygamon, Bogie Woods seems to be cautious about his superior, but does perform adequately around him.

Barrygamon: He shares a seemingly casual relationship with Barrygamon. Likely because they are closest in rank and likely power to one another.

Story Arcs

Century Soup Arc

Bogie Woods arrives at Ice Hell slightly before his boss Tommyrod does. He finds Barrygamon resting in the arctic conditions of the Ice Hell and wakes him up so that they can fulfill their mission, to acquire the famed Century Soup. Soon they are joined by their superior Tommyrod, who accompanies them to where their opposition, Toriko and his group are, which was the approximate location of the Century Soup. Upon arrival, they engage Toriko's group in combat. Bogie Woods takes of Takimaru of the Gourmet Knights. Bogie Woods initially dominates the battle. Takimaru's fighting style revolved around dislocating bones, however Bogie Woods had a unique bone structure and nearly twenty times the normal amount of bones and thus Takimaru's techniques failed to work. After beating Takimaru half to death, Bogie Woods' own cockiness led to his downfall. Needlessly engaging Takimaru in closer quarters than necessary, Takimaru located his one weak point, and directly before passing out from his injuries, dislodged Bogie Woods' sacrum, paralyzing him. Bogie Woods' however did not remain so. Utilizing his unique bone structure, he compensated for his missing Sacrum and regained some movement, only to be swallowed whole by the Hellboros beast along with comrade Barrygamon, summoned by Saiseiya Teppei. He is however unintentionally rescued by his superior Alfaro, who had arrived to participate in the mission and he shredded the Hellboros along with the Parasite Emperor beast with ease. The Bishokukai team was successful in retrieving the Century Soup but were not able to eliminate Toriko due to the last minute arrival of Gourmet Living Nationaal Treasure Setsuno, who easily frightened them into retreating.

Cooking Festival Arc

Bogie Woods does not make another appearance until the Cooking Festival Arc. He is briefly shown to be among the invading Bishokukai members at the Cooking Festival, where he along with Barrygamon and other Branch Chiefs are confronted by the Gourmet Yakuza, as well as the Gourmet Knights.

Powers & Abilities

Unique Skeletal Structure - Having nearly twenty times the normal adult amount of bones (specifically 4000), Bogie Woods' body is capable of performing in unusual ways such as elongating body parts and creating joints (up to 4600) where there ordinarily would be none.

Lodge - A unique ability. Bogie Woods can enter a still living creature and hijack control of their body. This even works on humans.

Regular Blow - As it sounds, simply a normal punch given a special name. Still, Bogie Woods' strength makes it powerful.

Irregular Shot - A barrage of punches, difficult to avoid unless one is considerably faster than Bogie Woods.

Irregular Iron - Bogie Woods takes an iron weight and utilizing his bones to elongate his arm, hurls it in an unpredictable fashion to strike his opponent.

Iron Blow - Using the same iron weight, Bogie Woods simply crashes it into his opponent.

General Information Edit
Name: Bogie Woods
Name: ボギーウッズ
Romanji: Bogīuzzu
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
1st anime episode:
1st anime movie:
Aliases Bogeyuz
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