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Bofoi is a Hero part of the Hero Association


Bofoi's current Origins are largely unknown, but he has a history as a hero and achieved Rank 6 in the elite S-Class of heroes.


Bofoi was created by a mangaka who uses the pseudonym "ONE" for his webcomic One-Punch Man in 2009. In 2012, ONE was approached by Yusuke Murata to consider a collaboration between the two, and the One-Punch Man remake was the result. Bofoi is a supportive character in the series.


Due to relatively limited time in the story, Bofoi has had no apparent evolving traits.


The Appearance of Bofoi's Robot is large and roughly humanoid shaped. It's armor is a starkly shiny metal with a bluish tint. It is so shiny it reflects almost like mirror. There are 3 red lights where the eyes and nose would ordinarily be with no ears or mouth.

Bofoi's face
Bofoi's face

Bofoi himself is apparently a normal looking man,but only his lower face was shown thus far.


Bofoi seems to largely keep too himself. He indicates that he wishes to bring about peace, but seems to have no qualms with civilian casualties as he had no intention of aiding against either disaster he (or his robot) were present for, despite being a hero. Nor does he seem to mind being under suspicion by his fellow heroes.


Bofoi has no known prominent relationships, however, both times he has appeared in the story he is approached by Genos who respects but is suspicious of Bofoi.

Story Arcs

Meteor Arc

A large robot appeared in Z-City minutes before crisis was to strike. A giant meteor was headed for Z-City and would easily lay waste to everything in it. S Class Hero Genos who was also in Z City approached the robot who had landed and a tall building. Genos referred to it as Bofoi and recognized him as a fellow S-Class hero and actually a higher ranked one than himself. Although it asked to be referred to as Metal Knight, it's code name. Genos requested his assistance in destroying the Giant Meteor, but Bofoi turned him down, stating he was only present to test his new weaponry and that was Genos saw before him was merely a robot. His real self was not even present in Z-City. Not intending to waste more time, Bofoi fired a flurry of missiles at the the now visible meteor. Despite causing a massive explosion, it was utterly insufficient to stop the unyielding meteor. Bofoi and Genos were surprised at this. Genos himself fired a volley of highly powerful lasers but fared no better than Bofoi. It was not until Saitama arrived and launched himself at the meteor that crisis was averted as he pulverized the meteor with one punch.

S-Class Hero Arc

After Saitama had defeated Lord Boros and the other S-Class Heroes present dealt with his minions, Bofoi appeared and began salvaging parts from Boros' alien ship. When questioned by Genos as to what he was doing, Bofoi stated he was taking the materials for the sake of peace and intended to weaponize the technology.

Powers & Abilities

It is indicated that Bofoi is a normal human that uses weaponized suits of armor of his own design. As the 6th highest ranked Hero in the world, his power must be immense. Thus far his remote-controlled robot has demonstrated the following abilities.


High Speed Flight
High Speed Flight

Bofoi is capable of high speed flight via rocket launchers.

Missile Launchers

Bofoi's Missiles
Bofoi's Missiles

Bofoi can fire a series of missiles with an impending explosion large enough to obscure the Giant Z-City Meteor from sight. However they were not powerful enough to actually destroy the meteor.

General Information Edit
Name: Bofoi
Gender: Male
1st manga book:
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Aliases Metal Knight
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