Winter Watch: Bodacious Space Pirates #5

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Welcome to Winter Watch, a look at the latest anime season. This time we continue to watch and observe Bodacious Space Piratesand in this episode Marika finally decides what to do with her life for the next Twenty episodes!

Episode 5: Marika Makes a Decision
Summary: The electronic battle between the Odette II and the mysterious ship has begun. Marika’s plan of tricking the opposing ship is working well, but once the Odette II goes on the offensive. The mysterious ship shows it has more firepower than they bargained for.
Air Date: 02/11/2012
Run Time: 24:09

Warning: This article contains spoilers. We recommend watching the episode HERE first

So this show continues its tradition of being smarter than the title suggests. The scene in which Marika explains the flight plan establishes her as someone that can not only command a ship but has comprehensive knowledge of space-faring tactics. This makes it easy to justify her becoming a captain of you know...a pirate ship. If they didn’t build this up the way that they have and instead just gave Marika the keys to the Bentenmaru and having her not prove her skills would have made things feel cheap. That aside during this episode you see that while Marika still isn’t the best or most experienced captain out there but if you give here enough time she could be.

This Show Continually Uses Holograms Great
This Show Continually Uses Holograms Great

So the plan is set for midnight and the girls decide to confront the unknown ship one on one. When the Odette II starts to engage the mystery ship everything that has been built up for the past two episodes comes together in a nicely executed spaceship duel. Marika despite being outgunned uses her intellect to outsmart the enemy as opposed to your usual action schlock. It’s fast and seeing the excitement on the faces of the yacht club members as they prepare their attack just makes this scene all the more enjoyable. So once the attack begins and the enemy has been defeated we find out that Chiaki is the daughter of a pirate captain and that the thrill of the fight has finally convinced Marika to accept her destiny as a pirate captain.


I more than enjoyed this episode. More than just showing some action we see Marika at her best and in her element. More importantly we get a great sense of what’s in store for the future, and as a result I can’t really complain about the content. The writers go the extra mile by putting in all of these nice touches like having Marika called her mother “mom” for the first time when she announces to her she is going to become captain. Anyways seeing things finally coming together makes me excited to finally see Marika captaining the Bentenmaru in the next episode.

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This anime may have one of the greatest titles ever. I really need to get around to watching it >.<

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@finaldasa said:

This anime may have one of the greatest titles ever. I really need to get around to watching it >.<

Watch the goddamn show so is that I have someone to talk about the happenings in it in these articles.

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This is just a heads up to the people who have been following my article.

I am not a fan of the plot twist in episode six.

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