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Listen, let’s get something clear, right up front...

I don’t have a problem with T&A. If I’m flipping through channels and, say, certain parts of WILD THINGS are on the air, I’ll more than likely take a few moments out to watch. However, it all comes down to use. Just as anybody who loves a good fight scene can be bored by a show’s careless excess of action, so too can even the most dogged breast man be turned off by the artless overuse of that other half of the ol’ sex & violence combo.

So, for every CAT PLANET TITTIES and HEAVEN’S LOST BOOBIES I come across as an example of what not to do, I can pull up DIRTY PAIR or SPACE ADVENTURE COBRA as an example to follow. It’s a delicate balance between having solid material underneath the mammary and then also being tongue-in-cheek while delivering what’s advertised.

So, here’s a case where the pendulum swings in the opposite direction of where it normally goes. You’re seriously going to start a show called BODACIOUS SPACE PIRATES (softening the original MINI-SKIRT SPACE PIRATES title, at that) with a slow burn? We seriously need more than five minutes to carefully establish the world of a pink-haired girl in a pirate’s hat and mini-skirt who runs around the galaxy with a BFG?

The intro makes this show seem like FIREFLY as reinterpreted by the makers of HELLO KITTY. The catchphrase is “Time for some piracy!” and that time really ought to be now, not five episodes from now. All this business with oxymoronic legal pirates and the intrigue of maid cafes should’ve been left to quick throwaway gags during the space swashbuckling… not to a very methodical set-up.


Watch this episode, "Pirates Coming Through" here and decide for yourself.

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Despite the title there is surprisingly little fanservice in this show and instead has some Serious Business. It does burn at an incredibly slow pace, so slow that I just kinda stopped watching it at Ep #4 and forgot to pick it back up.

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This show isn't aggressive about the fanservice and has a nice little plot. It isn't too interesting to go out and watch but it solid enough.

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@DocHaus: Little fanservice? What about barely any? Actually, I would say that the viewer has to interpret certain characters as fan service bait for them to be that. 
I could give a damn if anyone thinks this show is too slow ( it is SLOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW, so don't fucking bother if you can't hang) because anime has made me tired of animated tits, and that is a sad sad thing. So what if these pirates aren't killing and plundering and fighting? In one episode it's better than 2 seasons of most lame archetype moe garbage. 
A show with like 20 girls and not a panty shot to be had? Girls being intelligent and preparing strategy! Yes, give me more of this!
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The title seems to be more of an inside joke that was spun out into its marketing, similar to how the first Final Fantasy was supposed to be Square's last game if it didn't do well.
If you really want to get into this show, I'd recommend just skipping to ep. 4 and going from there.  The show's so slow you can interpolate what's going on just through the gobs of information characters spew out.  Unfortunately, I can't say there's much to look for; I'm practically forcing myself to watch the rest of it (I'm on ep 13 right now).  
I've also noticed you're trying to extrapolate things from the title alone, and I'm worried you're not going to these shows with an open mind anymore.  Just because the show's called " Bodacious Space Pirates" doesn't mean it's about T&A.  Hell, I thought Future Diary was a horror story based around a guy escaping his potentially lethal stalker.  Boy, was I wrong.
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@Rxanadu: I NEVER recommend skipping anything. Why bother watching the show if they can't write 4 episodes that keep your attention?
Future Diary was about Future Diaries.
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Slow?Noir theirs your slow.This is more like firefly than Bombshells from the Sky ( sorry i just can not call it cat planet cuties) This is not a parody.Tho their is a fair amount of humor .Its more lighthearted id say than not.Its set up keeps it from making that cowboy beebop magic.

But none the less its watchable. Good animation .For some the plus would be its not ecchi.I have watched 18 episodes an the 1st few were the only slow ones.The world building is a nice change.But it does not stop with 1st show but the speed of the show does picks up .An as a plus i don't remember a flash back episode.Their is not even a beech episode!

So ya its a bit odd for a anime in some respects.Its not been predictable .But i can see the 1st show not hooking people to.

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If anyone wants recommendations for slow-paced anime, I can recommend them. I believe I've seen them all!
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@YotaruVegeta: I'd actually like some recommendations.  I may have seen them already, though; I tend to pick and choose from what's out there.  I've already watched Stein;Gate, just to get that one out of the way.
Also, just so you know, I've actually watched past ep 19 in Bodacious, and I'm liking what they're doing with the premise.  Unfortunately, it seems like ep 20's just another fan service episode, which, given the show so far, I wasn't expecting.
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@YotaruVegeta: When put that way, I guess I didn't think it would be used in that way.  Would still be interesting to see that concept of a future diary in a horror story (or game, at that).
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this anime failed when I first heard the phrase "legal pirates"

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