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The spoiled son of a rich family that constantly harasses the young maids that they hire, Bocchama is one of the male characters of the Maid Bride manga. He is obsessed with doing perverted things to the "moe" maids in the mansion but is foiled by his caretaker Tsuneko.

The perverted son of a high-class family, Bocchama is well known for constantly harassing the beautiful maids that the family hires on a regular basis. Due to his constant advances and sexual harassment of the maids, his parents are continuously looking for new maids, since most of the ones they hire quit in fear of Bocchama's sexual advances on them. He is kept in line by the stern Tsuneko, the one maid that is responsible for him and that has the courage to stand up to her master's perverted ways. Due to his frequent harassment upon each of the maids in the mansion, she is constantly saving the new maids from his unwanted advances upon them.


Early Years

As with all of the characters in the Maid Bride franchise, not much is known about the early years of Bocchama's life except for the fact that he is the son of a wealthy businessman and that he has a strong obsession with groping and taking advantage of the new maids that his parents hire on a regular basis.

Bocchama's Involvement in Maid Bride (Chapters 14 and 15: Interchangeable Maid!)

Chapter 14: Interchangeable Maid!

On the outside, the spectacular mansion that resides by the lake outside of town seems to be a wonderful place where teenage girls can get a job as a maid for the residents of the massive house. But unknown to those girls who do get hired to work there, there is the highly perverted son who seeks to take advantage of them while they do the chores around the mansion. When Chapter 14 begins, young master Bocchama has found the newest maid that his parents have hired to work at their mansion, and has begun to grope and fondle her breasts wildly as she struggles to get away from his advances on her. Pleased with himself, Bocchama is so caught up in his groping of the new maid that he fails to notice the advance of his female caretaker Tsuneko, who has heard the cries of the distressed maid and is coming to rescue her from her master's inappropriate antics. With a swift tug, the stunned Bocchama finds himself in a tight chokehold that Tsuneko has employed on him, casing him to release the panicing maid as she moves out of his reach. Frustrated by her master's perverse antics, the enraged Tsuneko scolds Bocchama harshly over his inappropriate behavior before turning to the shocked maid and tells her to go back to her chores around the house. Frightened by Tsuneko's harsh words and eager to get away from her attacker, the stunned maid rushes off to complete her assigned chores as the panicing Bocchama struggles to break free of his caretaker's chokehold upon him. Frowning at his feeble efforts to escape her, she tells him "It's bedtime. Please return to your room" before tightening her arms to prevent him from escaping. Unable to escape from her suffocating hold on his head, Bocchama slumps over semi-unconscious and falls to the ground, much to the displeasure of Tsuneko, who ends up dragging his limp body back down the hallway and into his bedroom. Once inside, she begins to argue with him regarding his behavior towards the maids in the mansion, crossing her arms in disapproval as her master recovers from being choked out and sits upright on his bed. He looks at her with a odd expression, and says "But the moe maids of today are so cute..." to her, only frustrating Tsuneko more with his simple response.

Bocchama has litte respect for his caretaker, seeing her as "old and unattractive" in comparison to the other maid that work for his family in the mansion. He currently addresses her as "Tsun", for he thinks that her real name Tsuneko makes her sound too old in his opinion. As she reminds him about how his actions were causing the resignations of some of the maids, he flops backwards onto his mattress and thinks to himself that "if only there was a girl close to me...", ignoring what Tsuneko is telling him as he longs for a beautiful girl to spend his time with. Getting carried away with his thoughts, he tells her that he longs for "someone with a playful maid outfit like that girl...a moe maid with big, sensitive breasts...If I had a maid like that...that'd be the best.", not paying attention to the strange look upon her face as he rambles on. He continues with how "brutal" of a woman that Tsuneko is, and how she steps all over him with her "super-human" strength whenever he tries to get to know the maids in the mansion better. Confused as to why he is telling her all of this, Tsuneko becomes even more enraged and before he knows it, she storms out of his bedroom, saying "It's time to sleep! Good night!" as he watches her rush out of the room. As he goes to bed, Tsuneko is shown talking to the same maid that she had saved from Boccama's harassment earlier in the day, and engages her in conversation. Unknown to him, she plans to show the young master just how much she can make his desires "come true" in what he currently looks for in a maid.

The following morning, Bocchama is stirred from his sleep when he is asked to wake up by a female voice that sounds oddly familiar. Opening his eyes, he sees a beautiful maid over by the windows, wearing a cute outfit as she opens up the drapes to allow the sunlight inside. Confused somewhat, he is unsure as to if he has gotten a new maid to take care of him, but his question is answered for him when the maid comes to the side of his bed and tells him "Even if it is your day off, you shouldn't sleep in.". To his shock, he realizes that the sexy "new" maid is actually Tsuneko, who is sporting a new maid outfit and looks different without her glasses upon her usually stern face. He stares at her in pure disbelief as the worried Tsuneko addresses him about her new look, asking if this is what he wanted yesterday when he had told her about his "dream" maid. He hastily agrees, his mind blown away by just how sexy that Tsuneko looks in her playful new maid outfit compared to her "boring" look that he had seen her wearing for so long. When she sits next to him on the bed and tells him to please get himself ready, the stunned Bocchama turns away from her and begins to panic, for he is getting turned on by her new appearance and doesn't want to let his perverted thoughts get the best of him. Worried about his strange behavior towards her, Tsuneko leans over and grabs her blushing master, telling him if he is not feeling well, she will be glad to bring him his breakfast to his room. Turning back to look at her, Bocchama's eyes glance down at her breasts, and is stunned when he notices just how big they really are now that she is leaning over towards him and the low-cut neck on her outfit makes it easy to gaze upon them.

Unable to repress his perverted desires any longer, Bocchama turns around and squeezes her in a tight hug, causing her to fall over onto his mattress as he makes his way on top of her, determined to show her just how much he truly loves her new look. Before the surprised Tsuneko realizes what is happening, he moves in for the kill and engages her in wild kissing, his tongue engaged with her tongue as they make out on his bed. Losing complete control of himself, he begins to fondle her breasts with his free hand, pulling down her top so that he can begin to toy with her sensitive nipple on her left breast as she begins to get caught up in the excitement of having sex with him. He moves down her body with his other hand, and reaches under her outfit in a attempt to toy with her vagina, but is stopped by Tsuneko when she gets a strange feeling about him doing that to her. She gets up, positions her body so that her butt is in front of his face, and allows him to remove her panties so that he can begin toying with her clitoris.

For a unknown period of time, they engage each other in a session of wild, passionate sex upon his mattress, both achieving multiple orgasms together as Bocchama delivers the greatest performance of his life, hoping that Tsuneko will fall in love with him. When they have finished, she is stunned by just how amazing that he was in bed with her. Worn out by his session with Tsuneko, Bocchama slowly gets up and gets ready for breakfast, having worked up quite the appetite. The following day, Bocchama is woken up by the regular, stern version of Tsuneko, who scolds him for sleeping in since he has a meeting in the afternoon that he needs to get ready for. Confused, he asks her about what happened to the "cute moe Tsun" that served him yesterday morning, but is shot down when the frustrated Tsuneko asks him if he is still half-asleep or not. Leaving her groggy master to his pondering, she turns and leaves his room so that she can attend to the other chores that require her attention that day. As she makes her way down the hallway, Bocchama reveals that since then, the "moe-maid Tsun-san" would appear from time to time in his dreams to "serve" her master on occasion.

Chapter 15: Interchangeable Maid! Afterstory

In this special 7-page continuation and conclusion of the Interchangeable Maid! storyline, Bocchama is show laying in his bed, smiling as he prepares to go to sleep so that he can have another wild "dream" about sleeping with the cute moe-maid version of Tsuneko. He lays in bed until he slowly drifts off to sleep, unaware to the fact that the moe-maid version of Tsuneko is not part of his dreams after all. In his "dream", he is awoken by the moe-maid Tsun and thus engages her in another wild session of passionate sex, losing control of himself to his perverted desires as he delivers a performance that she will never forget. After they finish with their session, he confesses to her that he has loved her for a very long time, and even admits that he was hoping to make her his bride by marrying her, causing her to blush from his heartfelt words. Before she can respond to his words of love, he tells her that "The offer only applies to the dream version", since the "real version" isn't as cute. Enraged by his words, Tsuneko begins wailing on Bocchama's head with her clenched fists, trying to beat some sense into his thick head before choking him with her arms as the "dream" ends. Bocchama slowly sits up on his mattress, complaining about how his memories of today's dream seem to be fuzzier than usual and how his neck hurts. Just past the end of his bed, the irritated Tsuneko stands with the vacuum in her hands, a disappointed look on her face as she resumes vacuuming his carpet.

Other Media

As of today, Bocchama has yet to appear in any media or products outside of the Maid Bride manga. His caretaker/maid Tsuneko does appear as a anime figure that is available for purchase wherever anime figures are sold (Rated 18+ due to sexual content, nudity, and adult themes).

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Name: Bocchama
Gender: Male
1st manga book: Maid Bride #1
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Aliases Master Bocchama
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