Blunt, the Decapitator

Blunt, the Decapitator is an anime episode of Katanagatari that was released on 02/08/2010

Plot Summary

Togame and Shichika travel to Gekoku Castle in order to obtain the Zantou Namakura blade from its owner, Ginkaku Uneri.

Detailed Summary

Shirasagi Maniwa at Gekoku Castle
Shirasagi Maniwa at Gekoku Castle
After defeating Koumori Maniwa, Shichika and Togame head off on their journey to collect the remaining eleven Klesha Bringers. Their next stop? Gekoku Castle, the home of Ginkaku Uneri, the wielder of Zantou Namakura. Wanting to claim the sword for themselves, the Maniwa Corps send Shirasagi Maniwa to obtain the blade before Togame and Shichika arrive. Shirasagi is unsuccessful and finds himself immediately sliced in half by Ginkaku's Zerosen upon entering his room.
Shichika doesn't agree with Togame's catch phrases
Shichika doesn't agree with Togame's catch phrases
Elsewhere, Shichika and Togame are traveling through the Inaba Desert to reach Ginkaku's castle. While traveling, Togame reveals her "cheerio" catchphrase and works on solving Shichika's personality problems by running a list of catchphrases by him. After running through a long list of choices, Shichika eventually gets tired of the ordeal and decides to go with whatever Togame says next, which happens to be, "However, by that point you'll have been torn into pieces."
Shichika avoids Ginkaku's Zerosen
Shichika avoids Ginkaku's Zerosen
After reaching the castle, Togame tells Shichika that she will try to reason with Ginkaku before attacking him due to the fact she is on a legitimate mission from the shogunate. When the talks go nowhere, Ginkaku lures Togame into his room and uses his Zerosen on her, but Shichika uses Lily to forcefully remove her from harm's way. Deciding to take some time to rethink his plan, Shichika ends the battle there and leaves with Togame, telling Ginkaku that he will return. Outside of the castle Shichika tells Togame that he has a plan and that this time, unlike his previous battle, he will win purely from skill rather than luck. Having said this, Shichika and Togame return to Ginkaku and the two battle using their ultimate techniques. After saying his newly founded catchphrase, Shichika emerges victorious and the duo heads off to continue their quest.


NameUsed ByUsed On
Zerosen & Zerosen: X LivesGinkakuShirasagi, Togame, and Shichika
Zantou GariGinkakuGinkaku
Scattered BlossomsShichikaGinkaku

Characters & Voice Actors

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Yoshimasa Hosoya ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Yasunori Ebina Audio Director A japanese audio engineer and director
Makoto Sokuza Episode Director
Keitaro Motonaga Director
Nishio Ishin Original Concept An extremely popular light novel author in Japan, best known for such titles as Bakemonogatari and Katanagatari.
Tsuyoshi Kawada Character Artist/Designer
Makoto Uezu Writer
Taku Iwasaki Music Taku Iwasaki is a Japanese composer known for Jazz-sounding scores.


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