Blue Roses Bloom in the Cannibal Department Store

Blue Roses Bloom in the Cannibal Department Store is an anime episode of Gosick that was released on 03/04/2011


Blue Roses Bloom in the Cannibal Department Store - "Hito-kui Depāto ni Ao Bara wa Saku" (人食いデパートに青薔薇(ばら)は咲く)

After receiving a shopping list from his sister, Kujo heads to Saubureme, the capital city to search for the Blue Rose, a valuable gem, and stumbles upon a mystery at a department store. at the same time, Victorique falls ill, and is unable to accompany him.

Full Plot Summary

Opening Theme

"Destine Histoire" by yoshiki☆lisa

A young girl narrates while the red moon shines on the town. A girl stares at the mannequin, and the mannequin looks at with glowing red eyes. The woman bopens her mouth and bites. The scene changes when Avril scares Kujo.

Avril reveals a drawing of a blue emerald. She wishes to shop in Saubureme. Kujo realizes that he has to give something to Victorique, and he leaves Avril.

In the library, Victorique complains about her boredom. She wants Kujo to get in a life threatening situation to ease her boredom. Kujo presents Victorique with a kimono from his country. Victorique has an excited look until she tells Kujo to put it down while she reads. When Kujo leaves, Victorique grabs the kimono and rubs against her face.

Later in the day, she walks outside to a maze and through it to a house at the end of the maze. She stares at her hands that seems to have burn marks on. She attempts to wear the kimono, but she puts the belt (obi) on wrong. Kujo reads Avril's ghost stories while Victorique fusses in her sleep.

The following day, the teacher (Cecil) runs to Kujo and trips down. Then the teacher tells Kujo that Victorique got sick. At Victorique's home, the teacher hands Kujo's letter to Victorique. After she reads the letter and receives Avril's book, she uses Kujo's note as a tissue. Outside of Victorique's home, Cecil hands Kujo a note from Victorique that says idiot. Kujo gets offended and leaves Victorique.

On the train, Kujo bumps into Grevil. Grevil explains that he is going to investigate something, but Kujo's mind drifts to Victorique and their adventures in Hirowitz. Grevil explains that there is a disappearance mystery where children and women go missing after shopping.

In town of Saubreme, Kujo finds Jiantan, and he enters to search for the blue rose. A blonde man asks Kujo where he has come from. He directs Kujo to the Blue Rose. Kujo finds the blue rose.

Kujo grabs the blue rose and drops it when someone asks who he is. Kujo states that he is going to buy the blue rose, yet the man tells him to buy a paperweight instead. The man tells the woman not to send a child up there. Kujo heads down in the elevator to find a rundown floor. He explores the floor when he hears something. Kujo finds a bunch of mannequins. As he gives it a closer look, he finds a box that has a girl who shouts about demons killing us. She tells him to call the police. When the lights go out, Kujo reports to Grevil who does not believe his story.

Signoire enters the room, and Grevil leaves with Kujo because he has live up to their expectations. Kujo directs Grevil to a bellman who tells Kujo that he only saw him for the first time. Garnier meets Grevil and Kujo, and Kujo asks him about the oak room. In the same floor, Kujo only finds a mannequin in the box that the girl used to be in. Kujo pleads with Grevil that he is telling the truth, but the same girl eavesdrop on them.

In a dream, Victorique is dying of boredom in a tower. She wakes up, and Cecil thinks she needs a shot. Victorique buries herself in her bed sheets. Victorique thinks Kujo is in another mystery. When Grevil leaves, an old lady shakes Kujo and begs him about her daughter. Luigi appears and takes a coin. He explains that some men enter the department store who were interior designers. Kujo asks Luigi for a public phone.

Meanwhile, the doctor appears and asks Victorique to follow his orders. When Cecil hands the phone, Victorique listens to Kujo's voice. At the same time, the doctor gives her a shot. Suddenly, the line is dead, and Kujo gets kidnapped.

Closing Theme

"Resuscitated Hope" by Lisa Komine

Points of Interests


  • A bunch of mannequins in the basement floor with a girl in one of the crates.
  • Luigi tells Kujo that some men enter the Jiantan to change the interior design. This implies that Garnier or someone purposely change the room to mislead Kujo and Grevil. (Mostly Grevil)

Characters & Voice Actors

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Takuya Eguchi ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Avril Bradley ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Megumi Toyoguchi ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Victorique ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Aoi Yūki ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
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Signore ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Jin Yamanoi ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)
Cécile Lafitte ( x ) ( x ) ( x )
Yui Kano ( x ) ( x ) ( x ) (Japanese)


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Hitoshi Nanba Director
Mari Okada Series Composition
Takashi Tomioka Character Artist/Designer Animation Director (OP/ED)
Hiroko Kazui Storyboard ED
Kotaro Nakagawa Music


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