Blue Pegasus Guild

Blue Pegasus Guild is a anime/manga concept
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One of the Guilds located in the country of Fiore. The Guildmaster of this Guild is Bob.


Blue Pegasus' insignia.
Blue Pegasus' insignia.

The Blue Pegasus Guild is a mostly female guild with the exception of some lecherous men and was founded by Bob, its guildmaster, in X764 when he left the Fairy Tail Guild for unknown reasons. It is also important to note that it was one of the four major guilds to have joined the efforts in defeating Oracion Seis, one of the strongest dark guilds. With regards to its building, the structure is primarily pink with some hints of blue and added wings for that extra feminine touch. It's main room almost resembles the main hall in Fairy Tail guild whereby it consists of numerous tables and a bar where Bob usually works. It also provides several amenities such as a tanning salon, a swimming pool and a gym.


Bob, Blue Pegasus&squot; "handsome" guildmaster.
Bob, Blue Pegasus' "handsome" guildmaster.
  • Bob - The guildmaster and founder of Blue Pegasus
  • Karen - Currently deceased, she was a renowned Celestial mage of Blue Pegasus
  • The Trimens - A team of four womanizing men with Ichiya as its leader, and Hibiki, Ren and Eve as his fellow teammates. They were dispatched to aid Team Natsu and the other legit guilds in defeating Oracion Seis.
  • Jenny - The current Miss Firoe and a cover girl for the Weekly Sorcerer, who is skilled in Transformation magic.
General Information Edit
Concept Name Blue Pegasus Guild
Japanese Name: ブルーペガサス
Romaji Name: Burū Pegasasu
1st manga book:
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1st anime movie:
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