Weekly Blue Exorcist: Ep. 24 - Satan's Offspring

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Welcome to the fourth weekly article for Blue Exorcist! This episode is the second to the last episode for the anime. The series will end on October 2, 2011.

Do you think Blue Exorcist should continue or is this a good time to end the show?


As Satan possesses Yukio, he plans to create a new world by merging Gehenna and Assiah together. Rin and the others fight Satan to free Yukio and to stop his plans.

Will Yukio be free of Satan and will Satan's dream come true? Be prepared for a very suspenseful and action packed episode of Blue Exorcist.


Beware of mild spoilers!


Shura's Cool Sword
Shura's Cool Sword
  • Love the how the suspense trickles as Yukio and Rin desperately reach other.
  • Shura's battle with Satan is awesome, and Shiemi makes her stance against Satan.


  • Despite the cool and gutter mouth Satan, Shura gets a gainax bounce for no reason. That just ruins the suspense.


Satan's flames are like butterfly wings
Satan's flames are like butterfly wings
  • Yuri and Satan's dreams do not seem to mesh in well. Yuri's dream is innocent while Satan's dream involves the death of humanity. Plus, Satan does not care for Rin. What a bad father.
  • Daughters of Satan: How come we don't see his daughters? Satan has Mephisto, Amaimon, Rin, and Yukio. No love for girls despite the fact that Kazue Kato is a female mangaka. I guess that Blue Exorcist anime ran out of time, but it doesn't hurt to add some female offsprings.
  • Satan's flames are like a butterfly.

Overall, the episode was great and keeps the viewers waiting for the final episode this Sunday. Tune in for the finale of Blue Exorcist.


I thank you guys for reading this. You guys are awesome. Anna did a wonderful job with Episode 24's plot summary. I couldn't supply much images, so I'm waiting for her. She and I are busy with school. Give Anna some props for taking down three episodes this week. I feel bad I didn't contribute much to her and only did three Sket Dance characters this week. Next week, I will do Blue Exorcist 25, Beelzebub 36, and Sket Dance 27.

To everyone: I hope our weekly reports encourage you guys to have ideas on how to promote your favorite franchise and your work.

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I don't get it.

The Okumura's grandfather was a bad guy for wanting to do a demon genocide because he wanted to kill even the good demons.But Satan is also a bad guy for wanting them to coexist?

This is only one of the major inconsistencies in this anime like the fact that the author doesn't seem to have any clue what Christianity is.She mixes up japanese yokai with the Christian ones like Rin's cat and the demon that were in the Buddha statues.

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It's a strange ironic thing. Satan only wants to fulfill Yuri's dreams, but the way that he is doing it by merging the two worlds causing humanity to suffer.

Back in Yuri's past, Satan is portrayed as the good guy while Ernest is the bad guy who wants to kill his own daughter for mating with Satan. In the end, the roles for the good guy and the bad guy is switched. I can see Satan as a lonely victim in this story while Rin is still our good guy.

Thanks for pointing out the inconsistencies. I think Kazue Kato is looking at Buddhism and Christianity's mythology and linking them together for her story to get a diverse audience. It's bound to cause some issues. I really don't know about these two religions' folklore well.

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Okay. I did some research on the terms Gehenna and Assiah. They are based in Hebrew.

  • Gehenna is the place outside of Jerusalem where people sacrifice their children, and it translates roughly into hell or purgatory.
  • Assiah is the "world of right" which is one of the four spiritual worlds.

You remember what Takara states about Satan during the bombing of the Gehenna gate by Ernest.

He says

king, the angel from the bottomless pit. The names for that king are Abaddon (in Hebrew) and Apollyon the Destroyer (in Greek).

Episode 23

Satan in Hebrew is an angel and not a fallen angel. In Christianity, Satan is revered as an evil entity or sometimes, Lucifer, a fallen angel. I guess Judaism sees Satan as a neutral person.

Sorry for the late reply and the confusing comment from earlier.

Despite looking on wikipedia, I'm confused, too.


Note about wiki project: Hey Anna, we only have episode 9 and 11's plot summary left. We're almost done! Whoo! I'm too tired to keep up with three projects.

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