Weekly Blue Exorcist: Ep. 23 Truth behind Yukio and Rin's Origin

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Welcome to the third Weekly Blue Exorcist report! This thrilling episode has revealed the truth behind Yukio and Rin's parents. Like always, I'm doing this report for my partner, Anna, and for the community.


With Rin bleeding and convulsing, Yukio decides to take his place to save his brother. As the Gate of Gehenna opens, Ernest has the gate bombed with the Messiah; however, the demons start swarming like locusts. Yukio has a word with his father who tells him everything about his mother and his adopted father's past.

A Mother and Her Twin Boys
A Mother and Her Twin Boys

What was Yukio and Rin's parents were like and what happened in the past? Will this conflict between demons and humans come to an end?



  • When Shiro starts to smoke, the baby boy fuss, and Shiro quickly stomps on his cigarette. That's a good father figure there.
  • Yukio and Rin's past are finally revealed, and you can see some traits that the mom has passed down to her twin boys.
  • The bad guy in the end gets nothing less than what he deserves.


From last episode, Shura's fight with Arthur probably won't appear
From last episode, Shura's fight with Arthur probably won't appear
  • Shura and Arthur's fight is pretty short, and the show might not reveal their fight.
  • How Shiro was motivated to kill the demons did not match the flow with the episode.
  • The mother's time with Satan was too fabricated if she was to remain at the forest.


Takara talks without his puppet
Takara talks without his puppet
  • Takara talks for the first time without his puppet. He talks about how Satan is an angel.
  • The green hamster (on Mephisto's hat) talks and sounds like someone I know.
  • During the mother's time with Satan, she didn't seem pregnant, and plus, she still looks normal during the execution.


The episode gets a four out of five. The episode was awesome, but I felt it was rushed a bit.


Thank you for reading this. I thank my partners who still work with me even though we're juggling school and tackling 4 anime wiki projects. Please see our work on Blue Exorcist 23.

Please feel free to comment or voice any improvement I need. I'm working on a guide for Shaman King and the four projects. I must be realistic. Two guides is a realistic goal since things are getting hectic here and at school. My goal was to submit guides before October (at least one).

A beginner guide to Blue Exorcist will be submitted after this anime series end. Please bear with me.

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