Weekly Blue Exorcist: Ep. 22 - Demon Genocide

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Welcome to the second Weekly Blue Exorcist thread for Episode 22: Demon Hunt! Just like the first weekly thread, we are going talk about this episode.


With Ernest being the Pope and Yukio being the Paladin and head of the Japanese branch, Ernest executes an order to all exorcists to eradicate every demon in this world. He reassures Yukio that this method will restore Rin back to normal. However, Ernest's true plans has Rin's life in danger as he opens the door to Gehenna.

Will Ernest's plans come to fruition? Will Yukio and Rin have closure?



Yukio's Blue Flames
Yukio's Blue Flames
  • Yukio and Rin's relationship is getting more tense. Makes the viewers want to find out if they will make it things right.
  • Cliffhanger is so tempting when Yukio is surrounded by blue flames. He could be Satan.


Suspicious, Fat, Green Hamster
Suspicious, Fat, Green Hamster
  • Shura and Arthur's fight might be short in the next episode.
  • The green hamster still begs questions whether it is Amaimon or not.


Amaimon's drawing
Amaimon's drawing
  • Mephisto's drawing reminds of Rukia Kuchiki.
  • How Mephisto escapes so easily blows my mind and the stupidity of the Exorcists.
  • Demon boar reminds me of Princess Mononoke where the boar who is the protector of the forest is killed by humans.


This episode gets Four out of Five stars.


I thank the fans for reading this and Anna who is busy working on Blue Exorcist 22. Even though it was my turn last week, I feel she's a bit overwhelmed since the images are there yet. I posted these images but not on episode 22 because I won't interfere with my partner's choice of images. Sorry for the lack of images. I'm not skilled at removing watermarks since Crunchyroll keeps the Aniplex on them.

Please give some support to my partner. If you guys want to help out, the character pages need some work. Thank you for volunteering. I'm a bit behind on these stuff when I have to juggled other anime projects and college. Please don't hesitate giving me tips or advice on doing these weekly reports. I'm doing this to hone my writng style for the beginner guides.

Bad News

I heard the anime series is going to end soon, and I don't know how much. According to PenguinDust, it's going to end in 26 episodes.

Other Weekly Threads This Week

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Great work on this feature, Takashichea. I tried a episode of Ao no Exorcist when it first aired, but I just could not get into it as like I do with other animes, so I put it on hold while I got slowly addicted to Beelzebub instead.

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No worries! It's hard (or sometimes easy) to get others into other stuff.

An interesting story, I sometimes look at Anna's list and try out some stuff that she liked because we shared a lot of things in common. That's how I got into Beelzebub and Blue Exorcist with thanks to Anna. I got into Sket Dance because of Piface314. I wish Piface314 will come back. For the most anime shows, it was my little sister who got me into anime.

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